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VL OMNI’s most recent press coverage:

<p><strong>Designing A Tech Friendly Future </strong></p><p>Featured on Member of Parliament Oakville MPP Kevin Flynn newsletter profiling the IT Roundtable with community members and business members including Robin H Smith from VL OMNI .</p><p><strong>A Guide to Omnichannel Retail: 5 Tips for Building a High-Converting Omnichannel Strategy</strong></p><p>Featured on ChargeBacks911.com, VL is featured as an expert contributor on how businesses can build a high-converting omnichannel strategy from their back end technology and how it communicates within the ecosystem via data integration.</p><p><strong>The Importance Of Integrating Data, Insights and Advice (A VL & DVO Co-Authored Blog)</strong></p>
<p>Featured on DVO, a UK-based digtial agency's blog in December of 2016, VL and DVO break down the importance of integrated and automated data for businesses of all types and sizes.</p><p><strong>Canadian Retailer, Fall 2015: Leveling the Playing Field: Technology Helping Retailers of all Sizes Compete</p></strong><p><strong>Luggage, Leathergoods & Accessories Magazine (LL&A) Fall 2015: Featuring VL's Infographic, 10 Facts About Canadian Ecommerce </p></strong><p><strong>Tages Anzeiger: Profitieren vom Pioniergeist der andern</p></strong><p><strong>Retail Insider, June 9, 2015: Ecommerce in Canada in a Sorry State</p></strong><p><strong>Financial Post, May 1, 2015: Hordes of Canadians are shopping online, so why are our businesses failing to keep up?</p></strong><p><strong>41 Experts Weigh In On The Future of Marketing Automation For Customer Loyalty</strong></p>
<p>This article features 41 experts who weigh in on the future of marketing automation and customer loyalty, including Jessica Thiele of VL.</p><p><strong>Inc.: 22 Tips from Influential Marketers as Content Marketing Evolves</strong></p><p><strong>ReachForce, April 27, 2015: Expert Interview with Robin Smith on Data Integration</p></strong><p><strong>Rogers Small Business Leadership Network: Interview with Robin Smith</p></strong>

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