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Your searches on the internet are tailored – Did you know ?



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I spend a lot of time doing social media marketing at VL. It is very interesting to see how search engines present data when one searches the Internet. Doesn’t matter whether its Google or Bing or any other search engine, they all do it. What do the search engines do? They tailor the search results to what they think you want to know and read, based on your past search history. For some one doing social media marketing this represents an enormous challenge. For those of us who use the Internet for research it poses another problem. Are we actually getting a complete picture of what is available on the Internet when we search for information? The answer will surprise you. It is no.

Take a look at the video in the link below. It is a presentation given at TED 2011 in Long Beach, CA by Eli Pariser, one of the founders of and a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute.

The filter bubble is a very real issue, one that you need to be aware of as you search the Internet. Most of us aren’t and most of us have no clue the search results we are being presented are actually being tailored. All the more reason to search, as any good researcher would, with multiple search combinations!


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