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Wondering What VL OMNI Is All About? Look No Further [Slide Deck]


Our recent additions to our Connector Library and our recent flurry of Press Releases have led a lot of businesses looking to make the next jump in multi channel efficiency to VL’s website… and inbox!

With automation, integration, agility and efficiency becoming core themes to the omni-channel community (and their ongoing success), it’s no wonder why VL OMNI is suddenly the popular kid on the block! (It might also have something to do with becoming one of the first official Technology Partners of Shopify Plus, too!)

… But with all this popularity have come a lot of questions, including asks for more details on how VL OMNI works and for corporate presentations that can be passed around internally.

Keep scrolling to view the first few slides from VL’s About VL OMNI Presentation, and to download the full deck!

This presentation is designed to give a deeper introduction to VL and our VL OMNI platform.

In this presentation, you’ll see:

  • A brief introduction to VL and who uses the platform
  • How VL OMNI works, including high-level descriptions and technical insight
  • An introduction to our integration connector library
  • A preview of our VL OMNI Dashboard
  • Testimonials from some of our customers
  • And more!



*We’ve decided to share only the first four slides publicly — click to download to see the full presentation

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