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[Whitepaper] Strategic Data Integration for Magento’s Open Source Ecommerce Platform


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Magento Powers over 28% of Ecommerce Websites Today

Powering over 28% of ecommerce websites, Magento’s open-source nature makes it a powerhouse. An open source ecommerce platform that has dominated the market since its inception in 2008, Magento is a fully customizable ecosystem that attracts many big brands and top businesses. But having a great looking front-end to your Magento ecommerce store is only a small part of the puzzle: now your business is challenged with delivering on the promises made to customers at checkout.

Choosing your data automation and integration strategy is a business-critical decision that needs to be strategically informed. But the problem is that many businesses adopt poorly sized solutions that aren’t effective over the long term, ultimately creating more issues than solving them.

Download the whitepaper to learn about how to approach integrating your Magento ecommerce store’s data as a strategic function. Inside the document, you’ll also learn how to match your data integration strategy to the complexities of Magento to maximize your business’ efficiency, effectiveness, and growth. The whitepaper also covers:

  • Statistical and key functional information on Magento’s ecommerce platform,
  • What integrating you Magento store with your other channels means for your business, illustrated by a case study, and 
  • How agile, real time data integration for your entire technology stack can help your business accelerate growth.

Keep scrolling for a preview of VL’s Strategic Data Integration for Magento’s Open Source Ecommerce Platform Whitepaper, or click the link below to download the full document.

Strategic Data Integration for Magento’s Open Source Ecommerce Platform Whitepaper

Whitepaper Preview


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