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What Can I Integrate in My Business?


 As some of our long-time blog readers may already know, Virtual Logistics Inc.’s roots are in EDI. From there, we’ve grown into the customized integration solution provider we are today. But some people still think of us the EDI Guys! But we have many integration talents. Think of them as our superpowers: VL is a mild-mannered EDI specialist by day, but an integrator superhero by night!

So this leads us to the question – what exactly can you integrate? This is where customized integration solutions can flex their strength and superiority over your typical plug-and-play integration solution. VL can connect almost anything to anything, and then connect all those things to more things to form a complete integration solution!

So what can your business integrate?

We’ve got a couple great sections on our website dedicated to integration solutions we’ve already developed connectors for. We have our Integration Connectors section that lays out some of the applications VL already has integration connectors (solutions) for, and if you’re interested in browsing our integration speciality areas, start with Our Integration Services.

Without further adieu, here are just some of the things your business can integrate!

1. All Things Ecommerce

If you’re tuned in at all to the news these days, you know how important ecommerce is today, and that ecommerce is only going to become more important for businesses far and wide in the future. And we all know from VL’s Canadian Ecommerce 2015 infographic that even though consumers and businesses are spending lots of money online, not a lot of businesses are selling online. So if you are not online think about why you wouldn’t establish an on line presence?

Worse yet: lots of those businesses selling online aren’t doing it in the best or most efficient way. VL knows this from experience; we talk to plenty of businesses who think that they’re fully integrated, but surprise! they’re still inputting some data manually or employing work-arounds, so at the end if the day they are partially integrated.

Integrating your ecommerce store with your other applications properly can be huge for your company, especially if you’re starting to scale or have experienced a growth spurt (or are planning for either of these). If you partner with a skilled integration specialist like VL, your fully integrated ecommerce store means that your data is where it needs to be when it needs to be there automatically.

You might be asking, what can I connect my ecommerce store to? In integration speak, these are called “integration touch points”, and they can range from some to all of the following:

  • Orders
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Customer Creation
  • Product Creation
  • Product Update
  • Inventory Status from a 3PL or fulfillment house

And more! Check out our Ecommerce Integration page for more information, or our Webstore & Ecommerce Connectors page for a list of the integration connectors VL already has built and ready to go.

2. EDI

Not to toot our own horn here, but VL knows EDI. That’s where we started 21+ years ago, all the way back in 1994!

Visit our EDI Integration Services page to learn more about how VL can help with your business’ EDI integration. We now the bricks and mortar supply chain cold.

3. ERP

If your company’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) software isn’t integrated with your other systems and/or applications, you might as well be spinning your wheels in mud (just sayin’).

Again, we at VL have already done some of the heavy lifting when it comes to our repertoire of ERP integration connectors. We already have integration solutions for Tecsys Elite, Blue Link ERP, Syspro, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Blue Cherry, Infor Visual Manufacturing, SAP IDOC, Industrios MRP, Saasu, ProfitKey, and Netsuite to name a few. You can also learn more about VL’s ERP Integration Services by clicking the link.

What can we integrate with your ERP software? Here are just some of the integration touchpoints:

  • Sales orders inbound
  • Invoices inbound
  • Order confirmations outbound
  • Advanced shipment notice inbound
  • Purchase orders outbound
  • Inventory outbound
  • Advanced shipment notice outbound
  • Purchase orders inbound

And lots more. Seriously, check out the links above!

4. Logistics

Are you looking to manage your entire logistics chain as a single, unified entity? Of course you are, because you’re looking to be smart-busy instead of just plain ol‘ busy (or worse, stupid-busy).

VL has again already done the work for your business in creating a slew of integration connectors for shipping systems, WMS, 3PL fulfillment houses, and TMS systems. Check out these pages for more information on each area:

5. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation isn’t automated if you’re manually moving data from Point A to Point B. Imagine a world where your new customers can make a transaction with your business, and their information will be automatically loaded into Infusionsoft, HubSpot, or iContact and Mailchimp. And then this information is automatically transferred to your analytics and loyalty programs. Voila, life just got easier! (And your customers just got happier!)

Check out VL’s Marketing Automation Integration page for more detail. You can also look at the integration connectors we already have for Marketing Automation and Analytics & Loyalty!

6. Everything Else & The Kitchen Sink

So what else can you integrate?

So long as the application or program has an API, VL can design a custom integration solution to suit your needs. Think about this utopia for a second: a business that is fully integrated. All data is exactly where and when it needs to be, and the processes that rely on that data automatically flow. Your day magically goes from toiling hunched over a keyboard to sitting back, relaxed, planning out new business development strategies or forging fresh new partnerships that just might launch your company into the stratosphere.

And we’ve been able to do this for our customers time and time again. Check out our Case Studies, or our testimonials on our homepage. And if you want to see more testimonials, book a hassle-free consultation with our very own Robin H. Smith, Co-Founder and General Manager of Sales & Marketing.

(Oh, and we also have integration connectors that we’ve grouped under “Other Connectors“.)

So what can your business integrate? Well, the question should really be what should my business integrate? One thing that plug-and-play integration solutions can never do is what VL does with our customized integration solutions, which is map out the flow of data and design a solution to fit your company’s needs exactly. Never mind the fact that VL prides itself on above-and-beyond customer service for all our customers – I’d like to see a plug-and-play solution do that!

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