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Webstore E-Commerce Integration: ProPack & Virtual Logistics Partner



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In June, I had the pleasure of visiting ProPack’s facilities in Blaine, WA. Alex and Phil operate a very efficient facility, I was really impressed. We at VL are very excited about this partnership. The partnership benefits ProPack’s customers and provides a higher level of integration between Propack and web store and e-commerce platforms that does not require custom programming. Without custom programming implementation time is faster. The following article is taken from ProPack’s blog.

For the past five years ProPack has employed Microsoft Web Services to allow our clients to submit orders, check inventory and retrieve shipment info through a direct web-to-web connection. We’ve had a number of clients take advantage of this service and be very happy with the result. However, there is still development work that must be done at the client end that sometimes creates implementation barriers due to cost, time and access to development talent.

Recently ProPack has partnered with a company called Virtual Logistics out of Toronto. Virtual Logistics specializes in integrations between shopping carts and ERP systems and has successfully integrated their platform with ProPack’s web services. Now any company who integrates with Virtual Logistics will automatically have full access to orders, inventory and shipments within P3PL (ProPack’s online customer interface). Virtual Logistics is connected to a number of shopping cart services such as Amazon, EBay, Volusion, Infusionsoft,, Paypal, 3dcart and Magento, and can setup a new connection to any company not currently on their list.

ProPack has already one client setup and successfully submitting orders through this system. The client in question has been trying for the last four years to find an automated solution between their shopping cart and P3PL and is very happy with the new service. ProPack also has a second client who is all setup, tested and ready to begin anytime now.

The benefit to a current or new client in using Virtual Logistics and ProPack’s web services is that orders will directly flow from client’s site into P3PL. As well inventory values and shipping information can flow back to to the site from P3PL. Virtual Logistics will act as a middle-ware component between the client and P3PL. This streamlining of information flow will add value through quicker information turnaround and reduce costs in time spent importing orders through conventional means.

Virtual Logistics charges a setup fee as well as a monthly service fee. They can setup a new account independent of ProPack and assist in any customizations that are needed. Please feel free to check out their website at, blog at, or email Robin Smith at

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