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Want To Preview All Of VL’s Best Content? Here Are 4 Places You Can Find It


At VL, we strongly believe in producing high-quality content focused on education and spreading knowledge about omnichannel data integration as the first step to becoming your own data integration advocate. With 23+ years of experience integrating and automating data movements, VL has a veritable library of in-depth resources! From ebooks, case studies, how-to guides, and whitepapers across a number of data integration topics and industry trends, all of our content is focused on empowering our audience through knowledge.

All of our content is always free — but before you download our full ebooks and more, you might be interested in looking at a quick preview (no downloading required!). Previews of our content can be found in many places across the web…

Check out the following places you can find our content below!




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“Issuu is the leading digital publishing platform delivering exceptional reading experiences for magazines, catalogues, and newspapers. Millions of people have uploaded their best publications to create beautiful digital editions.”

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“Joomag is the first innovative service for digital interactive magazine publishing and hosting. It features a powerful platform for creating digital interactive content, including magazines, e-books, catalogues, reports, brochures and photo albums, and delivers an exceptional reading experience.”

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“Calaméo is the first multilingual digital publishing platform and has a community of five million users worldwide. Calaméo provides private and professional users with a dynamic and innovative medium to instantly publish and share interactive and multi-media magazines, brochures, reports, newsletters, presentations and catalogues on any device.”

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“Simply upload your PDF to Yumpu, we’ll turn it into a beautiful online publication. Display your PDFs on your website, social media and email newsletters.”


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