The Evolution of the Virtual Logistics Brand vl omni data integration

VL: The Evolution of a Brand



VL’s been around for a while.

Starting in 1994 as a partnership between Co-Founders Robin H. Smith and Scott A. Beaver, VL has grown from a small startup focused on EDI integration into the customized omni-channel data integration solution provider we are today.

And we’re proud of how far we’ve come!

Being agile and changing to the times has been embodied in our ethos from the very beginning. Everything from our business model to our branding and corporate identity have been molded to fit the market demands and trends.

With the recent official launch of VL OMNI

(Our cloud-based omni-channel data integration solution)

It’s time to pivot again.

Let’s take a visual journey into the branding history of VL, capped off with an exciting announcement at the end!

The History of VL’s Logos

A Visual Journey


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