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VL Sponsors UK Multiplay eCommerce Company of the Year


Last week, Virtual Logistics Inc. traveled to London, England to exhibit at one of London’s largest e-commerce trade shows, the UK eCommerce Expo 2015.

As a part of our experience and expertise, VL participated as a sponsor in the eCommerce Awards 2015, along with a number of other great companies. Of the 29 categories which saw some of the best UK ecommerce companies nominated for a variety of outstanding performances for the 2014-2015 year, VL sponsored the best Multiplay eCommerce Company of the Year.

Keep reading to see how the Awards evening played out, and who won VL’s category!

The eCommerce Awards Gala was a swanky affair, bringing together some of the best professionals, experts, thought leaders, and companies UK ecommerce has to offer. The evening kicked off with (Canadian!) comedian Katherine Ryan, and was hosted by the very talented Danny Wallace (pictured with VL’s Robin Smith, below).

VL’s sponsored category for Best Multiplay eCommerce Company of the Year saw the following nominees holding their breaths as Robin Smith opened the golden envelope:

While all the entrants were highly qualified to win this coveted award, it was ProCook who ultimately joined Robin Smith and Danny Wallace on stage to accept their award.

It was a fantastic night, and VL was honoured to have been able to present our category and award to ProCook!

Here are a few more pictures from the Awards Gala:

Virtual Logistics Inc.’s logo: Sponsor of the Multiplay eCommerce Company of the Year.

Robin Smith of VL poses with the Multiplay eCommerce Company of the Year, ProCook.

The place settings at the Awards Gala made everyone feel like a star!

Scott A. Beaver and Jessica Thiele of VL at the Awards Gala.

Curious as to why VL was chosen to present at the Awards Gala? Because we know omnichannel e-commerce supply chain data integration!

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