VL sponsors ranconteur supply chain strategies report

VL Sponsors Raconteur Supply Chain Strategies Report



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As a true believer that the best way to help our own industry continue to grow is through providing high-quality educational material to our audience, we both produce our own great content that is free to download and is always accessible, while also occasionally sponsoring world-class external content.

Raconteur‘s UK Supply Chain Strategies Report is one of these outlets.


Published in The Times and The Sunday Times, a daily national newspaper based in London, UK, the Supply Chain Strategies Report contains high quality supply chain industry research, and is free to download.

Keep reading for more on Raconteur’s Supply Chain Strategies Report, and a link to instantly download a copy of the report.


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About Raconteur

Raconteur, a publishing house and content marketing agency, produces special reports for The Times and The Sunday Times. These reports are highly read and well respected by The Times‘ readership base, as their mandate is to create high-quality and informative pieces that are relevant to the industries each report focuses on. Including original content created by exclusively the world’s most renowned journalists, commentators and academics who are experts in their fields, the reports produced are only of the best quality.

VL is proud to be a sponsor of Raconteur’s Supply Chain Strategies Report.

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