VL Relaunches VL OMNI App for iOS


Exciting news for VL OMNI Customers!

VL has updated the VL OMNI App for iOS to match our rebranding!

Keep reading for screenshots, app details and features, and more!

iOS Devices transparent

Originally launched in December of 2015, our VL OMNI App is a great way for our customers to view their data from their Apple iPhones from anywhere in the world.

Providing business intelligence insight through visualizing your data translations and movements, the VL OMNI App shows:

  • A breakdown of all transactions, including important information like the overall number of transactions and success/fail rate.
  • Session order information, including Session IDs, date posted, successes and failures for the session, and description. Each Session is colour coded for easy identification of which sessions need immediate attention.
  • Analytics breaking down your business’ data movements and translations.
  • Mapping your data movements in near real-time, overlaying your data with a map of the regions you operate and/or trade in.
  • And more!

The VL OMNI App is for current VL OMNI customers only. For more information on VL OMNI, our iOS App, or how VL can help your business automate and standardise your business’ data translation and movements for all levels of your business’ growth click here.

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