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VL Partner Profile: TECSYS



Part of Virtual Logistic’s mandate for how we do business includes our tag line,

“Transforming Data, Connecting Business”.

Our partner profile series for 2016 looks to put emphasis on the latter – how Virtual Logistics Inc. looks to connect businesses together in a network of trusted partners, businesses, and clients through good will, trust, and integrity.


In this installment of VL’s Partner Profile Series, we bring you the story of TECSYS: who they are, where they came from, and how VL and TECSYS fit together to help our mutual customers.

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TECSYS specializes in innovative supply chain management solutions that help distribution companies streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer serviceFounded in 1983 by Dave Brereton and based out of Montreal, TECSYS has grown to be a leading international provider of software solutions to multinational corporations.

On July 27, 1998, TECSYS became a publicly traded company on the TSX under  efficiency and end-to-end visibility to distribution organizations, resulting in reduced operating costs and improved customer service, and more.

Many of TECSYS’s customers further augment their business’ functionality and efficiency by further integrating TECSYS‘s application into their complete back-end technology stack with the help of a partner like VL.

TECSYS users can expect an interface that optimizes the effectiveness of logistical functions by granting optimal visibility along the entire supply chain, allowing for a high level of planning and execution. Users also make use of the interface’s features within TECSYS to automate within existing execution systems, further enhancing efficiency.

Moving onto TECSYS enables companies to transfer existing customer and partner information into TECSYS optimized systems. After TECSYS’s services and solutions are in place, the next step is to tie all your business’ data together via a third party integrator like Virtual Logistics.  


Sometimes we at VL hear of businesses who have to turn down business because their back end systems cannot communicate with their potential partners systems. Users of TECSYS who partner with Virtual Logistics can easily incorporate new trading partners into their existing framework in a manner that is scalable and robust. This translates into unique flexibility in a business’ back end that allows for the possibility of incorporating new trading partners into their existing channels, including some of those who could not be included before proper omni-channel data integration.

Virtual Logistics Inc. works with TECSYS to get the highest level of value for our customers through automating as many steps as possible. This automation reduces data errors generated through manual entry, speeds up processes dramatically, VL OMNI. VL has a history of integrating TECSYS with a suite of applications and technologies for our customers.

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