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VL Partner Profile Series: ProPack, Delivering Logistics Freedom



“If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go with others.”

– Proverb Origin Unknown

If you’re already familiar with VL and our VL OMNI service, you already know that our specialty and the core focus of our business is the integration of data between disparate applications. This is all we do, and we do it really, really well.

But naturally we don’t work in a vacuum. Sometimes, our customers ask us to recommend an application or a service. Since we work with and experience so many of these applications and service providers from a data integration perspective, the ease of integrating applications and the quality of the partner are very important to us. And we always recommend the best partners for the job!

Continuing on our existing VL Partner Profile Series, we present one of our 3PL/Fulfillment partners.


“80% of Fortune 500 companies and 96 Fortune 100 companies use 3PL services in some form or fashion.”

ProPack, a 3PL provider, offers logistics and fulfillment services that act as a core piece in a company’s fulfillment supply chain. Businesses that work with a 3PL partner like ProPack are able to deliver a wide range of distribution services to their customers, while gaining access to industry experts in supply chain optimization.

Working with highly qualified 3PL partners like ProPack is becoming a trend: not only is employing a 3PL partner common at the enterprise level, more and more SMB/SMEs are capitalizing on the benefits of a 3PL partner as opposed to trying to internalize these functions themselves. ProPack serves a suite of customers, but is unique in aiming to expand and solidify the reach of SMB/SMEs.

ProPack is a complete 3PL provider with international reach.

With extensive expertise in Order Fulfillment, Freight Forwarding, & Warehousing services, optimized through back end technology, ProPack is able to help their customers fulfill one of the most important pieces of the customer relationship: delivery fulfillment.

We at VL have had a longstanding relationship with ProPack, and are proud to call them a partner. The VL/ProPack partnership serves our mutual customer base directly. VL helps ProPack’s customers integrate their ecommerce and marketplace channels with ProPack’s internal applications, increasing the speed, efficacy, and accuracy of data transmission and ultimately helping ensure a better fulfillment experience for the final customer. With this integration in place, ProPack’s customers are able to quickly and easily increase sales and add channels while ProPack’s services efficiently fulfill on delivery.

To ensure speedy and accurate fulfillment, ProPack has three warehouses locations across the US and relationships with logistics providers in Canada, the UK, and Australia/New Zealand. The US warehouse locations allow for two day ground shipping to 95% of the USA. ProPack’s Washington state location specifically allows for freight forwarding to BC and Alberta, further enhancing their distribution capabilities for their customers. Other warehouses include Salt Lake City, Utah and Nashville, Tennessee.

ProPack’s WMS, warehouse management system, known as P3PL, provides a high level of transparency and visibility for customers across all three locations, and is designed to ensure the highest levels of quality assurance. P3PL’s flexible API means that companies who use ProPack can also trade with the major retailers in a highly automated manner through data integration in partnership with VL. This flexible and extensive API is crucial for this level and quality of data integration. 

Both ProPack and VL work very hard to design solutions with elasticity and scalability at the core of the service, which is one of the many reasons VL and ProPack work so well together, while cross-referring our solutions and services to our mutual customer base. This partnership ensures that an integration is customized to each individual business need ensuring the highest level of performance for the long term.


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So if you are looking for a 3PL that offers the following; Affordable pallet storage (pallet in – pallet out), Canada to US consolidation, US to Canada consolidation, efficient cross-docking, powerful inventory tracking, and secure storage ProPack should be high on your list!

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