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VL OMNI & Statement Agency – The State of Ecommerce Infographic


In junction with UK-based Statement Agency, a specialist Shopify Plus ecommerce agency and partner of VL, VL has produced a new addition to our popular ‘The State of Ecommerce’ infographic series! Again comparing the state of ecommerce in the UK, USA and Canada, this infographic examines the tremendous growth of ecommerce in each country in isolation and by comparison.

Most notably, our research and findings shows the explosion of growth of Shopify and Shopify Plus in the UK — a trend that’s been gaining steam over the past years, and is culminating in some interesting changes to the multi-channel industry. With an already established but still growing market holding in the USA, and with the Canada and the UK quickly following suit, Shopify’s incredible growth points towards a more highly digital and tightly integrated B2B and B2C retail industry for all three markets.

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for the full breakdown the state of ecommerce today,including country-specific statistics and a deeper dive into Shopify’s growth as an indicator of ecommerce growth overall


Ecommerce infographic state of ecommerce usa canada uk

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