VL OMNI: How VL OMNI Connectors Work, And How They’re Different [Video]


Are you curious to know how VL OMNI works? What makes VL OMNI different from other lower quality solutions and platforms is how we go about moving data. VL OMNI’s Connectors transform your data to fit your business rules, normalize your data while applying key business rules, and automate key data flows between applications, all while keeping your business agile and scalable. And they’re also point-to-multipoint, meaning a single source of data can be moved and transformed to several target applications.

VL can help your business create an integrated back-end ecosystem between all your applications so that your business never has to worry about real-time accurate customer order data, shipment details, inventory, prices, and more. With years of experience in integrating to EDI, on-premise applications, and cloud applications, VL can help your business reach new heights.

Watch below to see how VL’s Connectors work

VL OMNI’s Connectors can integrate and automate data movement between any two (or more!) applications.

With VL OMNI, your business-specific rules are applied directly within the connector and the data it’s moving. In the near-instantaneous movement of this data between it’s source and the target application(s), the data is normalized to suit the target application(s) and your business-specific rules are applied. The data is then sorted and sent all in near real-time so your data goes exactly where it’s supposed to in the form it’s supposed to be in. VL OMNI’s platform is a truly multi-point data integration platform that can connect and automate data movements between multiple applications and platforms in a single scalable and agile way.


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