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Virtual Logistics Inc. Launches NEW Data Integration Connectors



Cloud Integration Connectors On-Premise and Hosted – VL is happy to announce that we have launched our brand NEW on-premise and cloud data integration connectors. Our connector  eco-system includes connectors for on-premise and cloud ERP packages, MRP packages, marketing automation software packages and shopping cart platforms as well as BI and analytics.

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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Canada, September 20, 2013

Virtual Logistics Inc. announced today the launch of their on premise and cloud-based integration connectors for a number of ERP and MRP packages, marketing automation software packages, and shopping cart platforms. These connectors will be part of a continuously growing list of connectors within the VL eco-system. The first release of connectors includes the following ERP and MRP packages; Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Infor-Visual Manufacturing, Tecsys Elite, Syspro, Industrios MRP, SAP Idoc, Blue Cherry and Bluelink ERP as well as marketing automation connectors for Infusionsoft and HubSpot.

The VL connector eco-system will allow customers to easily select from a long list of on-premise and cloud based application connectors to provide application and API integration that can be customized for their specific business needs. This allows VL’s customers to connect in-house and cloud-based applications without custom programming.

The Connectors

Businesses today are using a number of different on-premise applications and consuming cloud-based platforms to run their businesses. These include ERP packages, MRP packages, marketing automation software, email marketing, BI, as well as shopping cart platforms. The challenge identified by numerous analysts is integrating and synchronizing the data flow between these platforms in a seamless manner that can be customized to the business needs. Changing customer demands mean that the ability to customize these solutions has become a priority in both the SMB and mid-market space. This is where the integration connectors offered within the VL eco-system come into play.

On Premise and In the Cloud

By offering integration connectors to both on-premise customers and cloud-based customers, VL offers a solution that is truly customizable to the needs of all businesses. The connector allows for increased integration flexibility and allows a company to support multiple integrations in a timely and cost-effective manner either in the cloud, on-premise or a combination of both. The connectors offer more to clients than just a simple single data touch point plug-in to their existing application. By offering such robust and flexible integration solutions VL’s eco-system of connectors truly grows and adapts as the needs of businesses change. The connector approach to integration means that as the touch points become more complex, far more customization is possible than with a traditional point to point plug in. Virtual Logistics Inc. offers both on premise and in the cloud integration solutions.


About Virtual Logistics Inc.

Virtual Logistics Inc. is a supply chain data integration company based in Ontario, Canada. VL has established itself as a key player in the SMB and midmarket size business B2B, EDI, XML, Web Store Integration, marketing automation solution marketplace. VL offers both a cloud-based SAAS and on-premise solutions to its customers.