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Virtual Logistics and Maps BI Launch Ecommerce Dashboard Packs



November 11th, 2013 Mississauga & Oakville, ON Canada

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Virtual Logistics Inc. and Maps BI today announced the launch of a new dashboard business intelligence pack for the eCommerce retailer. The three dashboards included in the e-commerce BI pack allow businesses to get a complete picture of the operational, performance and logistics metrics of their online business.

3 Dashboards – A full view of your online e-commerce business

Operations: The operational dashboard allows business owners, and upper management to see their business from an operational perspective. Stakeholders can use the dashboard to view important statistics such as revenue by product line, popular products by revenue, month over month revenue by product line and popular products by geographic region. These important statistics allow businesses to monitor product trends, discover product strengths and weaknesses and plan for product expansion or retirement.

Logistics:  The logistics dashboard allows businesses to look at important information related to the processing and shipping of orders that come in through the web store. The dashboard displays important metrics such as carrier usage, average processing time by carrier, maximum processing time by carrier and average processing time by city. If a business wanted to cut back on the number of carriers they use or choose a preferred carrier these are important metrics to consider.

Performance: The performance dashboard gives business owners and stakeholders an overview of how the business is performing before considering logistical and operational performance. The performance dashboard examines important metrics such as total revenue, total number of orders, orders by city,  total number of orders/month, total revenue/month, total order size, average revenue/customer, total number of customers and average number of days to repurchase.

By combining these three interactive and robust dashboards into an e-commerce dashboard pack, businesses are able to truly get a full 360 degree picture of their business as well as identify market trends, strengths and weaknesses and examine their web store data in a visual and USEFUL way.

Current web store platforms supported with seamless integration are Magento, Shopify, Volusion, Big Commerce, and Shopatron Manufacturing. The e-commerce metrics solution is a combined product of Maps BI cloud-based business intelligence platform and Virtual Logistics’ cloud-based hosted integration service. Combining the two platforms provides e-commerce internet retailers with a powerful, configurable and robust solution for eCommerce metrics.

About Maps BI

Maps BI is the brain child of Inovex Inc. Inovex is a Canadian software firm with a decade of experience developing software applications in the energy and healthcare sectors. By launching Maps BI, Inovex has brought its deep understanding of reporting and analytics as well as their proven development skills into the e-commerce space. For more information about Maps BI please visit MapsBI online.


About Virtual Logistics Inc.

Virtual Logistics Inc. is a supply chain data integration company based in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. VL has established itself as a key player in the small to medium size business B2B, EDI, XML, Web Store Integration, solution marketplace. VL offers both a cloud-based SAAS and on-premise solutions to its customers. Learn more about Virtual Logistics Inc. at www.virtualogistics.ca.

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