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[Video] VL OMNI: The Next Level of Data Integration Services


At VL, we get a lot of questions.

Can you integrate Application A with Application B?
(Yes, provided there’s an API in place.)

How do your services differ from integration products?
(Our solutions are built to fit your business’ needs, instead of trying to force your business into a generic box.)

Does VL do EDI?
(Yes! This is where VL got our start way back in 1994, and it’s part of our VL OMNI data integration ecosystem.)

Why is VL OMNI different?
(That’s like asking what the difference is between a custom-made suit and a polyester $150 3-piece suit straight off the rack.)

And these questions are fantastic! Education, high quality research, and on-point communication about data integration and the broader challenges omni-channel businesses face is what we seek to provide our audience any day of the week.

But the most frequent question we get?…

What does VL do?

This is a loaded question and usually involved the use of a metaphor or two due to the complex nature of the services VL provides under our VL OMNI banner. And it’s so much more than what we do — the beauty of VL OMNI is in the services we provide, and the efficiency that our customers can achieve with VL as a partner.

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VL OMNI: The Next Level of Data Integration Services

Did you know that VL OMNI isn’t the best fit for every business?

For lots of small to medium-sized business, point-to-point (also known as ‘plug-and-play’) data integration products may suit their needs just fine for the lifetime of the business. But for others, especially those business experiencing rapid growth or looking to scale point-to-point integrations (or even DIY coding) may work for the interim but fall apart at crucial moments, leaving your business stranded.

VL’s best advice?

Plan for today, and the future, and start with your data strategy. Look at how you want data to move in your business, and adopt applications and solutions that allow agility without locking you down. And when in doubt, go to the experts!

Ready to invest in your business’ future success?


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