[Video Quiz] Which one of these videos do YOU like better? Help VL decide!


In your search for a qualified data integration partner, you may find yourself asking

“What makes VL OMNI different?”

That’s a loaded question! There are so many reasons top omni-channel businesses come to VL for our scalable data integration services. Those include our tailored approach, fitting our VL OMNI solution exactly to your business’ needs.

But to better sum up what it is VL does and how VL OMNI works, we’ve created not one, but two explainer videos.

And we’d like your feedback on which video you like best!

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VL OMNI: The Next Level of Data Integration Services

Two different versions of the same video below – Let us know which video resonates with you the quiz below!

Video 1

Video 2



UPDATE: Thank you for participating! This poll is now closed. 


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