VL video for prosperworks and shopify data integration

[Video] ProsperWorks & Shopify Data Integration



Have you ever wondered…

What does good data integration look like?


If you’re coming from the point-to-point/plug-and-play integration world – AKA integrations that are boxed products or come as add-ons to applications you already use – you might not know what a customized data integration looks like when it’s up, running, and already working hard for you. You’re coming from a world where you’re used to clicking a single button to install a single point-to-point integration. And you’re also coming from a world where you’re used to having to do the work of setting up the integration points so that the data moves. Then you’re left hoping everything works as you return your focus to running your business.

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Watch the video below on what a customized data integration by VL OMNI looks like!

Customized data integration as a service,
like VL OMNI, is different.

Aside from scalability, creating fully integrated back-end technology stacks, and many other perks, VL OMNI takes a big step out of the (plug-and-play) box.

How? Well, we can do really neat things like connect applications together in ways plug-and-play data integration products can’t dream of doing, for one.

Like what we did with ProsperWorks and Shopify.

Check out the video below of a Shopify Store fully integrated with a ProsperWorks CRM. And then think about how much time this single integration is saving this business. They can now manage all their customers and transactions from a single application while their data is seamlessly translated and transmitted to the other – automatically.

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