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[Video] How Integration Matters In The Omni-Channel World


It’s no secret that traditional retail models are suffering these days. From Target’s fiasco in Canada, to JCPenny closing stores, to Jacob’s mass closure and restructuring, to the end of the FutureShop brand, the proof is in the pudding: even during Christmas, the busiest retail season of the year, retail sales dropped a whopping 2.0%.

So how are brands adopting to this inclement retail landscape? All you have to do is look at the business headlines featuring announcements from any major brand: they’re going omnichannel in a big way. Contrary to the knee-jerk reaction a failing traditional retail market may illicit, big brands are capitalizing on both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce outlets by unifying and being creative an omnichannel presence.

This was the subject of the talk Robin H. Smith, Co-Founder and General Manager of Sales & Marketing at VL gave at DX3 Canada 2015 in Toronto: “How Integration Matters In The Omni-Channel World”. It was a well-attended and fascinating talk. For those of you who missed it or are looking for a refresh, we’ve included two short synopsis videos for your quick viewing pleasure below. If you have 2 minutes, watch the “Micro Version”. If you have 4 minutes, watch the “Compressed Version”.

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 How Integration Matters In The Omni-Channel World: Micro Version

DX3 Canada 2015

How Integration Matters In The Omni-Channel World: Compressed Version

DX3 Canada 2015

Not shown in these videos are the case studies Robin uses to illustrate how integration matters in the omnichannel world in terms of how the lack of proper integration can negatively impact your customers’ experiences. (We will be loading each case study separately to our YouTube Channel in the near future – subscribe and get instant notification when they go up!) Robin uses three case studies drawn from first-hand real world experiences from the customer’s perspective: Corkcicle, The Aran Sweater Market & Jolly Jumper, and Walmart & Coleman.

All three of these case studies are also explored in detail in our ebook “Three Common Ecommerce Integration Issues and Their Solutions: An Ecommerce Whitepaper“, including the first-hand account from disappointed customers, analyses of the problem(s), and proposed solutions. It’s well worth the read – and it’s free!


Curious about how integration can help your business? The best way to find out is to hear it straight from the experts: by talking to the experts at VL! Book a pressure-free consultation with us where we can discover more about your business’ needs and goals, and where you can discover more about VL. At the very least, you might learn something new!

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