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[Video] Data Integration For All


 VL has re-purposed some of our video content to create this new video that is centred around the topic of ‘Integration For All’.

What does this video cover? Well, the purpose of this video is to effectively but efficiently explain:

  • Who VL is, and what do we do,
  • EDI integration,
  • E-commerce and webstore integration,
  • 3PL and fulfillment house integration,
  • And more.

This video is under 6 minutes long, so if you have your coffee in hand and want to learn a little or to watch something educational while you sip, this video is for you!

 Virtual Logistics Inc. Presents: “Data Integration For All”

That was a lot of excellent information!

One thing that isn’t reviewed in this video is VL’s Design-Develop-Connect process for creating customized integrations for our clients. Our first step on any new project is that we personally sit down with each of our client partners to map out all the different integrations, ensuring the solution we develop and implement for their business is exactly what they need. Check out the ebook “Three Common Ecommerce Integration Issues and Their Solutions: An Ecommerce Whitepaper“, and pay special attention to page 7 where we talk about solving your customer experience issues. The diagram on that page is an actual preliminary sketch of an integration map (with some client-specific details omitted).


The presenter in this video is Robin H. Smith, Co-Founder and General Manager of Sales & Marketing at VL. He and all of the data integration experts at VL are certainly a wealth of knowledge – and we’re always happy to pass our knowledge along!

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