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[Video] About Virtual Logistics Inc.


 At DX3 Canada 2015 in Toronto, Robin H. Smith, Co-Founder and General Manager of Sales & Marketing at VL gave a great talk called “How Integration Matters In The Omni-Channel World.”

This talk covered a discussion centred around the topic the title alludes to, including how integration (or lack thereof) can affect your customer experience. Robin illustrated this issue via three case studies: Corkcicle, The Aran Sweater Market & Jolly Jumper, and Walmart & Coleman.

You can watch more videos of Robin’s talk on our YouTube channel.

The video below focuses on getting to know Virtual Logistics Inc. better: our origin, our history, our specialty areas, and more. It’s under 3 minutes long – and well worth your time if you’re curious about who VL is!

About Virtual Logistics Inc. (From DX3 Canada 2015)

Did you catch how long Virtual Logistics Inc. has been in business for? 21 years! Would you believe that we have clients who have been with us since the very start? Well, we have – our business model is to form partnerships with our clients where we can help them grow, and we excel at this. The math doesn’t lie: VL’s average customer stays with us for 10+ years.

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But the best way to learn more about VL is to book a pressure-free consultation with us. This gives you the opportunity to ask the hard questions that matter most to your business, and gives us the opportunity to discover more about your business’s goals and needs for data integration.

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