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Vend & TradeGecko Data Integration (VL OMNI VIDEO)


So you want to integrate your Vend POS data with your TradeGecko OMS data.

You’ve looked into your options, and VL OMNI hits all the marks for your business: data automation in real time, transformations that apply your business’ rules, the ability to tie in all your data sources and types (including EDI), and the ability to keep your business agile as you grow.

But what does integrating Vend with TradeGecko (and vice versa) look like with VL OMNI?

In the demo video below, we show a sample data movement between Vend POS and TradeGecko OMS. Starting with inputting and processing an order on Vend, this data is then automatically ported into TradeGecko. But what sets this integration (and VL OMNI) apart is our VL OMNI Dashboard. With any of our integration connectors (over 280, including those for EDI), users can log into any application and work with the output data (no further manipulation required, like field matching). But users can also log into their VL OMNI Dashboard to view, edit, and analyze their integrations in a single interface. For businesses with multiple channels, this means the difference between logging into multiple applications or a single platform to achieve the same ends —  a game changer in terms of efficiency, business intelligence, and more.

Interested in VL OMNI and the VL OMNI Dashboard?

Check out the video below of a fully integrated Vend POS-TradeGecko OMS integration, and what this data integration looks like from the VL OMNI Dashboard.


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