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Transforming Data, Connecting Business: VL is Different – Or So Our Customers Think


 What makes VL different?

This is a question that many ask during their evaluation stage when considering how to bring their business to the next level from an integration perspective. But what people tell us is awesome about VL is that once we partner with a business to provide customized data integration solutions, they always find out what makes VL special: we put our customers’ businesses first. But don’t take our word for it; check out our testimonials and our our case studies to see for yourself what our customers say about us.

Inspired by the fantastic, and sometimes not so fantastic, feedback we get from our awesome clients, here are just 5 ways that make VL different from your run-of-the-mill data integration company:

1. Our Leading Product is Customer Service


The other day, we were tasked with distilling VL’s vision for ourselves, our business, our customers, and our future. And you know what? All of our discussions kept coming back to the one thing we think matters most to our core values as a whole: our commitment to our customers is our key differentiating factor overall.

When it comes to customized data integration solutions, we necessarily have to partner with our customers in order to design the right integration solution for their business, for the long term. But that’s just the startCustomized data integration solutions stand apart from other single silo integration products or plug-and-play solutions in a number of ways, but perhaps the biggest way is the fact that these integrations are a two way street: VL provides the solution, but our customers need to bring certain assets to the table to make everything run smoothly. And VL is there every step of the way to make the integration run like the well-oiled machine it is. Our customers that have recognized this benefit and it impacts their businesses.

Above and beyond the implementation, VL’s customized data integration solutions are designed to evolve. Some of VL’s clients have been with us since our inception – in 1994. And what’s kept our clients with us for so long? The fact that VL is there any time you need help with your system and your integration questions. We truly, honestly care about our customers’ businesses, and we show it every chance we get. Our data integration experts and programmers have real ongoing personal relationships with the businesses they work with. I challenge you to find that kind of care and dedication from other integration product or solution providers.

2. We’re In It for the Long Run

A lot of solution providers or product pushers’ relationships with their client end with the sale. The sale gets passed over for delivery and installation, and then customer service becomes a challenge: if your product/solution has an issue, you can maybe fill out an error ticket or submit a form on a web portal, and then all you’re left to do is sit back and hope that someone gets back to you soon.

With these solutions or products, your business is quite simply not their priority, you are just another number.

With VL, the customized data integration solution is just the beginning. After working with you every step of the way until everything is up and working smoothly, we’re still there for our customers night and day (and even on the weekends) for any questions, comments, feedback, or troubleshooting needed. We do find our customers like to sleep so night time calls are an extreme rarity but they have happened.


Because we’re in it for the long run. Our slogan Transforming Data, Connecting Business can be read as “translating and moving data seamlessly and efficiently, allowing your business to reach new heights”. This doesn’t happen overnight; business development is ongoing, and VL is there for your business for the whole of it.

3. Customization is Key

This is something we’re starting to see more and more of in our everyday personal lives: you can customize almost everything you interact with on a daily basis to fit your unique needs and desires. But customization is starting to be a pressing demand in the business sphere as well: why try to fit a unique business into a product that’s designed for everyone and no one at the same time?

VL approaches each and every one of our projects as a unique iteration, simply because the business behind the project is unique. Each solution is designed to fit the applications, data, flow, and more of the business. And this is something our customers appreciate, because it means the solutions we design work better, smarter, and faster.

Again, we’d like to see a plug-and-play product or boxed solution do the same. So far, they can’t even compare. But don’t believe us: check out our testimonials and our our case studies to see for yourself how VL stands out from the crowd.

4. We’re In The Cloud

If you pay attention to how technology has been changing lately, you’ll already know all about how on-premise products (think installing Microsoft Office on your PC via software you had to buy at a store) are slowly but surely being replaced by their cloud cousins (Microsoft OneDrive and Office Online). Within 2 years, 34% of enterprises will have 60% or more of their applications on a cloud platform.

VL launched it’s Hosted Integration Service offering back in 2011. Increasingly our customers are asking for hosted solutions because its how our customers prefer to run their business, and we’re glad to say that our Hosted Integration Service is hitting the mark on all the expectations businesses have for cloud applications (refer to the chart below) especially stand up service. In fact, our cloud product is fitting so well with the way companies prefer to do business that VL is in the process of building a mobile app to help our Hosted Integration Service be even more flexible to our customer’s needs! So stay tuned.


5. We’re Changing the Face of Data Integration


Hate being in a silo? We do to! While a number of VL’s clients need us for one or two areas of our expertise, more businesses are approaching us for help integrating their whole business’ data across multiple platforms. And if we’re looking towards a future of increasing automation, faster response times and more, integrating all of your business’ applications and data together leaves you a great deal more prepared for the future when compared to your non-integrated or siloed competitors.

So what can you integrate? The sky’s pretty much the limit! You can connect your ecommerce systems and your EDI, with your ERP, with your Logistics and 3PLs, with your marketing, analytics and more. Think of a world where all your business’ data is transformed and transported automatically between your systems: VL is working towards a more efficient and effective future with our customers’ and their businesses.

In sum, our values at VL set us apart from the competition. Our ability to offer outstanding data integration services over the lifetime of a business at all of their stages of growth continues to define us and inspire us to reach new heights.

Curious to see what VL can do for you? Set up a free consultation with Robin H. Smith or Scott Beaver, Co-Founders of Virtual Logistics Inc., to see if your business is ready to make the leap to customized data integration and our holistic approach.

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