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The Next Level of Data Integration: Learn More About VL OMNI


If you haven’t noticed, VL underwent some major changes over the summer.

We started off the summer as Virtual Logistics …

And we ended the summer as VL OMNI!


With all the changes that happened over the summer – including our website, blog, and overall branding – we’ve also spent some time on creating an all-new brochure. In it, we take a deep dive into everything VL OMNI is and can do for your business. (Including EDI for a truly integrated technology stack!)

Keep reading to see the full VL OMNI brochure, and to learn more about how VL OMNI is the next level of data integration for your business.

Download the VL OMNI Brochure


Never Move Data Manually Again.

Data integration has changed. The ongoing use of legacy systems, cloud-based SaaS applications, increasingly complex interfaces, and the value of data necessitate businesses to stay on the edge of technological trends to secure competitive advantages. Having a data strategy is key.


VL Approaches Data Integration Differently.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, VL’s OMNI and EDI services approach each business’ data integration needs as unique. With different application mixes, trading partners, data translations and more, VL Designs our solutions and services made to measure.


Learn more about taking your business to the next level with bespoke omni-channel data integration:


Download the VL OMNI Brochure


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