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[Special Limited Time Only Chapter Release] Logistics and Supply Chain Data Integration: A 7 Questions Ebook, Volume 1



“As a business grows, so do the complications”

Warren Whitlock, Influencer & Contributor to VL’s
“Logistics And Supply Chain Data Integration” 7 Questions Ebook

A while back, VL launched one of its 7 Questions Thought Leaderships series with a logistics and supply chain data integration slant. We found seven diverse contributors, each with their own unique experiences, whose detailed answers gave us some interesting and valuable insights. (For a list of all the contributors, keep scrolling down.)

As a final package for our readers, we assembled all of the interviews into a free ebook, featuring an exclusive forward for the ebook by Warren Whitlock

Keep reading for an exclusive limited release of a chapter of
Logistics And Supply Chain Data Integration:
A 7 Questions Series Ebook, Vol. 1


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[Special Chapter Release] Logistics and Supply Chain Data Integration: A 7 Questions Ebook, Volume 1


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With a special forward by Warren Whitlock, Petri Helo, Professor of Industrial Management, Logistics Systems, Michael Stevens, President, Arthur Barrett, President, Alex Snyder, Founder & Majority Shareholder, Peter Brereton, President & CEO, Sylvain Perrier, President & CEO, Dan Cence, CEO & Founder, Sprocket Express

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