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[Special Ebook Chapter Release] What’s Next For Ecommerce?



“Drop the ‘e’ from ecommerce – online and offline retail is becoming increasingly synonymous”

Thea Earl, Business Development Manager at Shopify
Ecommerce And Supply Chain Data Integration: A 7 Questions Series Ebook, Vol. 1


A while back, VL launched one of our 7 Questions Thought Leaderships series ebooks, focusing on the relationship between e-commerce, data, and data integration. Just like our other ebooks in the series, we found seven diverse contributors, each with their own unique experiences, whose detailed answers gave us some interesting and valuable insights. (For a list of all the contributors, keep scrolling down.)

In this special limited time release of Chapter 7 from the ebook, we highlight our contributor’s thoughts on the question ‘what’s next for e-commerce’, with special emphasis on Thea Earl of Shopify‘s contribution in light of all the great news coming out of Shopify recently.

Keep reading for an exclusive limited release of a chapter of the ebook!

[Special Chapter Release] E-commerce and Supply Chain Data Integration


Ecommerce & Supply Chain Data Integration: Special Limited Time Release from OMERS Ventures.  

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