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Social Media Integration with ECS Server and Delta



Social Business Integration – In our ECS Server and Delta: Web services idea book we briefly discussed the use of the two products to call the APIs from various social media platforms, Twitter in particular.

In past half year, the rise of the social media use in business has led the pundits and experts to call their use in a business setting the “social business”. Underlying the term “social business” is the premise that various social media feeds and programs be integrated into a common platform for monitoring, tracking and dissemination. This is an interesting idea. If you take the idea further and look at the social supply chain you now have a larger paradigm for social media integration. The social supply chain is a new concept but one that is widely gaining converts.

I manage the social media marketing for Virtual Logistics and I can tell you it does become a big investment in time if you are managing a multi-pronged campaign, as I am. So this got me thinking, researching and listening to the tweets of supply chain experts. At the Inbound marketing summit held in Boston this month the panel discussions were all about integrating social media into business. Integration now there is a word that I like, especially when it relates to data.

The reality is, with social media in business, if you are going to be successful you don’t just engage in the conversation you actually become the conversation by producing stellar content and ensuring it is disseminated widely. Marshall Mcluhan wasn’t so crazy with his the medium is the message statement.

So this got me thinking about how we could use ECS Server and Delta to automate a company’s social media campaigns. So here are some ideas.

  1. Set up your tweets, hash tags and all, in a database based on your marketing campaign. Dan Zarella has some interesting research on when you should and shouldn’t tweet and the frequency of tweeting. Check his stuff out he has some great insights.
  2. Have ECS Server run a Delta database map to pull the data from the database and use a web services call to post to Twitter’s API using the POST Statuses/Update.
  3. This process could be scheduled in ECS Server based on the marketing campaign and the frequency you require.
  4. So that is one of the social front ends. You could look at pulling down responses from Twitter and using them to analyse trends as they relate to your brand. Now depending on the CRM you use you could also integrate the responses and mentions into the CRM on a client by client or lead by lead basis.
  5. Finally you could look at other social media APIs such as Linkedin, or collaborative platforms such as and for example. There are so many APIs out in the public domain today that can be accessed with ECS and Delta it is pretty much a green field or blue ocean!

None of this has anything to do with EDI, orders, invoices or ASNs but it speaks to the power of ECS and Delta as a middleware toolkit. So if social media is becoming part of your corporate marketing strategy and you are looking to integrate and become a social business, ECS Server and Delta are great tools that are worth a look at to do more than just EDI. If you already own ECS and Delta don’t over look the web services capabilities. These are not just EDI tools!

I would love to hear from people who have connected ECS and Delta to some cool APIs! Do share with us, please.

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