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SMB Omni-Channel Evolution: When Three Businesses Knew it was Time to Upgrade



How do you know it’s time to step up your data integration game?

You’ve got a good business model. Your growth is steady, you’ve got a solid customer experience mapped out, and you’ve tied your various applications together as you’ve needed to via plug-and-play integrations or a little DIY coding.

Then something changes.

Your business gets featured on a world-class website, Walmart wants 100,000 items by the end of next week, or the internet has caught wind that you’ve got something exceptional going on.


And things start to fall apart: maybe gradually, or maybe all at once. But either way, you pick up on the need for a more robust data integration solution.

This is how many of VL’s customers find us. They’re either referred through good-will via our extensive partnership network, or they discover us outright through our website.

Keep reading for 3 stories on how three of our customers knew it was the right time to upgrade to VL OMNI‘s omni-channel data integration service.

Story 1: Niche Product Goes Viral

A unique CPG with a niche audience, this business experienced rapid growth online in a short amount of time. As a result, they outgrew not only their data integration solutions, but also their ERP.

They evaluated 6 or 7 different ERP systems, including exhausting every solution in their ecommerce platform’s plug-and-play roster. Eventually the business came across Learn more about data integration in the cloud with VL OMNI

Story 2: A Need for Apps to ‘Talk’

With steady growth and multiplying sales channels, this holistic health solutions provider had already made strategic moves in previous years that set them up for a great customer experience that was almost completely automated. But there were still two major hurdles that needed solutions in order for the business to be truly integrated and automated: how to get their ecommerce platform to talk to their CRM, and how to also get the ecommerce platform to talk to their fulfillment house.

VL built a custom omni-channel data integration solution, connecting all disparate applications together via their APIs. This allowed the automatic translation and transfer of data between their fulfillment house, CRM, and ecommerce platform (and other applications). Part of VL’s solution included automation and integration surrounding automatically generated emails to customers who ordered specific combinations of products.

VL’s Learn more about how other businesses knew it was time to upgrade to their data integration solution in this free ebook

Story 3: Fair Trade & Economies of Scale

As a company that exclusively manufactures it’s products with fair trade labour and goods with partner factories and suppliers abroad, the company quickly gained momentum with socially responsible Gen M and X’ers.

With a complex supply chain and partner network, integration was a part of the company’s DNA from the start. They quickly realized that they could only achieve economies of scale in their business process by tightly integrating their systems together, from their source material providers, all the way through to their final customer.

 Looking for a scalable, customized omni-channel data integration solution that integrates seamlessly with your business’ applications and more?

You’ve found it.

Click below to book a chat with VL’s experts on how we can make your business’ applications and channels work harder and smarter with VL OMNI.

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