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Virtual Logistics was recently honoured by being the first Silicon Halton member to be profiled on their website under the member profile section. Virtual Logistics Inc. joined Silicon Halton just after the group was formed in 2009. The article titled Clouds: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly  profiled VL’s evolution over the past 17 years. Yup it’s been 17 years !

For those customers who have been with us since the beginning, we extend our sincerest thanks for your confidence in our abilities over all these years. For those who are new to us the Silicon Halton article clearly shows we have evolved and will continue to do so. Thanks to all !

So what do we see as the challenges the new economy holds for our clients. Crystal balls are too expensive and they rarely work but here are some trends that we see and are actively looking at:

1. Integration is more and more complex as companies deal with ever great amounts of data in their supply chains and this will force companies to develop strategies around integration as opposed to the current ad hoc approach.

2. Social media will play an ever increasing role in the operations of all businesses.  The integration of the social media feeds will become increasingly critical in order to manage the volume of social media data. This will require greater collaboration between IT and the non-IT sides of a business.

3. Data visualisation will provide greater levels of BI to companies. Visualisation will require strategic data integration plans within a company. Plans that currently do not exist in most organizations.

4. Finally as the requirement to trade more and more in the digital world imposes itself on companies the cleanliness of the digital data will become a strategic asset. Companies will lose and gain business based on data quality.

We are actively looking at how we can help our customers in these areas. Social media is one that VL has embraced and is actively pursuing. If you have seen the impact of these on your business we would love to hear about it. Also we will be covering some of these topics in future interviews on Integration TV. So check out Integration TV !

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