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Shopify Plus/OMS Integration: Two Great Resources from OrderDynamics


Data integration isn’t a stand-alone entity. And it most certainly doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

As a best-of-breed data integration service, VL understands this on a deep, strategic level. That’s why we strive to surround ourselves with applications from as many categories as possible that are relevant to our audience of ecommerce businesses, businesses that do EDI, and omnichannel businesses. (Learn more about what businesses use VL OMNI here.)

Shopify Plus and OrderDynamics definitely fall into the category of ‘best-of-breed’.

A top-tier ecommerce platform serving high-volume, high-growth e-tailers that’s rapidly expanding itself, Shopify Plus is quickly becoming the standard in online commerce. Similarly, OrderDynamics OMS is the world’s leading SaaS Order Management Systems (OMS) provider.

And VL? VL is here to connect these two great SaaS applications together in a way that only we can.

It’s amazing how great companies serving a similar audience connect. Even before working alongside OrderDynamics on a number of projects, we ran in the same circles as of great applications and SaaS services. It’s clear to both OrderDynamics and VL on the importance of a robust, agile OMS to serve a gap in the ecommerce community — especially relevant to the businesses that are drawn to and use the extremely powerful Shopify Plus platform. But no matter how great the application you stack your business with, nor with what great partners you fill your address book with, you still need to connect everything together in a way that allows your business to continue to grow uninhibited. 

Just some of the great applications VL works with, connects to, or has partnered with.

Shopify Plus understands this value, making VL and our VL OMNI Platform one of their first official Technology Partners. And OrderDynamics understands the importance of agile connectedness, understanding VL OMNI as one of the few bridges capable of serving their elite customer base. Between OrderDynamics’ unified, standardized order management data and system and the Shopify Plus customers who are ready to take managing their omnichannel customer orders to the next level while reducing the complexities of managing this crucial data, VL OMNI meets the dream list of data integration must-haves on both applications’ counts.

In order to help Shopify Plus customers understand OrderDynamics’ and VL OMNI’s unique market position, OrderDynamics has produced a two-part series of free, downloadable content. Focusing on Shopify Plus data integration and automation to and from Order Management Systems, VL OMNI is featured as the connectivity piece tying the two pieces of the omnichannel puzzle together. Although these two pieces are contextualized around the conceptual talking point of ‘Middleware’ (VL OMNI is a data integration platform that is built on microservices, a far more agile and speedier way of approaching data integration and automation), the premise stands regardless: high-quality data integration platforms like VL OMNI are absolutely crucial to connecting and automating your business’ order data.

Download the Shopify Plus Middleware Brief and the Shopify Plus Middleware Datasheet directly from OrderDynamic’s Resources Page, or by clicking the images below.




  • Strategic data integration that allows your business to grow and agilely respond to changes
  • Data integration that matches how your business runs, not forcing your business to change to meet the solution’s requirements
  • Partnered with best-in-breed applications, services, agencies and more
  • 280+ data integration connectors and growing
  • Tight integrations between applications; data that flows in near real-time
  • Microservice approach to data integration, enabling the application of business-specific rules directly to the data transformation
  • VL OMNI Dashboard for existing customers – a single, unified view of all channels and data movements allowing for deep business insight

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