Shopify Plus ERP Integration: VL OMNI is Your Expert


Have you visited Shopify Plus’ website recently?

If your business is evaluating Shopify Plus, you’ve likely come across the Shopify’s main website for their core platform. (Or maybe you’re upgrading from the core Shopify platform, and are already familiar this way.)

Have you noticed one seemingly small but very important difference between the two levels of the ecommerce platform?

Maybe this visual cue will help you out…

Why doesn't Shopify Plus have an App Marketplace

The difference between the two websites belies deeper implications: while Shopify’s core platform has an app marketplace, Shopify Plus does not.

So what does that mean?

There are no plug-and-play integrations for the Shopify Plus level!

Because Shopify Plus businesses are often scaling and mature businesses with more complexity and channels than the average Shopify core platform user, it’s difficult to create plug-and-play integrations that will work for all scenarios and needs for Plus level users.

To fill this need, Shopify Plus has instead pulled in trusted partners across a number of verticals to satisfy the diverse needs of the businesses and enterprises that use the platform. Shopify Plus knows that Plus users don’t fit into a box, and so they haven’t tried to fit them into a box.

This is especially true for Shopify Plus ERP Integration. With many ERP options out there, and many having the capabilities to be customized to fit business needs exactly, there’s no way to distill this complex integration into a plug-and-play product that will work for everyone out of the box. It just doesn’t exist!

So Shopify Plus and VL OMNI partneredAs a multi channel integration expert, we have the capabilities and experience to meet the needs of the Shopify Plus community, especially in integrating Shopify Plus to ERPs.

VL OMNI Shopify Plus integrations flow chart of capabilities
Just some of the data movements VL OMNI integrations handle in and out of Shopify Plus.

So if you’re looking at the Shopify Plus platform and need to integrate your ERP to make the system work for your business, talk to VL OMNI today. Or consult with Shopify Plus first! They know us well 😉.

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