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Shopify Plus: A VL Partner Profile



Part of Virtual Logistic’s mission on how we do business includes our tag line,

“Transforming Data, Connecting Business”.

Our partner profile series for 2016 places emphasis on the latter: how Virtual Logistics Inc. looks to connect businesses together in a network of trusted partners, businesses, and clients through good will, trust, and integrity.


Today, we look at the newest addition to the Shopify family – Shopify Plus. The “enterprise ecommerce software without the headaches” for high volume merchants is taking off like a rocket. VL is proud to work with Shopify Plus and their customers to help create complex data integration solutions in a way that helps these businesses continue to reach new heights.
Keep reading for more on who Shopify Plus is, how they developed from the original Shopify offering, and how VL and Shopify Plus fit together to help our mutual customers.

About Shopify Plus


It all started with Shopify…

Shopify is the darling unicorn start up of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Like all good start up stories, Shopify was started in 2004  for an intention other than what it is today. Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake created what’s now known as Shopify with the original intention of using the platform for their online snowboard store after other existing products on the market failed to meet the trio’s needs. Shopify as we know it today was officially launched in 2006.

A significant milestone along Shopify’s path was the launching of Shopify’s API and App Store. This move opened Shopify up to developers looking to create apps that integrate with the Shopify platform, transforming Shopify into a powerful but versatile tool for commerce online.  

April 14, 2015 saw Shopify’s IPO on the NYSE, quickly followed by’s announcement of shutting down their web store service for merchants and selecting Shopify instead as their preferred migration provider.

Shopify has come a long way in a little over a decade of hard work. Learn more about Shopify’s history here, and on their website in their very Canadian ‘Aboot’ section.

The Birth of Shopify Plus

Shopify officially announced the launch of Shopify Plus on February 4, 2014, and since then this enterprise ready, white glove ecommerce solution, designed for the rapidly changing larger merchants has been picking up steam.

Targeted at the specific needs of mid market and enterprise customers – including a world-class product set, scalability and dedicated account management – Shopify Plus was quickly snapped up by the likes of Google, the L.A. Lakers, Budweiser, and Tesla Motors. Why was Shopify Plus such an immediate hit? Following in suit with the Shopify mentality, Plus offers a customized product offering without the pricetag and long delivery time frames of existing ecommerce platform alternatives.

What Shopify Plus Means For Your Business


Shopify Plus is a platform designed for larger businesses who would rather spend time and money on other initiatives, rather than their back-end web development.

As a fully hosted service (just like the VL OMNI service), Plus has features that appeal directly to the mid market, enterprise and/or rapidly growing business, including unlimited sales, increased bandwidth, and mutli-channel access, and the crucially important factor of scalability. Shopify Plus is not limited by orders, hits, transaction fees, and more.

With just weeks to launch a Shopify Plus store, instead of months on other platforms, and a starting price starting around a very reasonable $2,000/month the platform is super reasonable and accessible. With a bullet-proof product and service that is Shopify Plus, of course you need to surround yourself with equally fantastic partners…

VL and Shopify Plus


Shopify Plus and VL’s VL OMNI service cater to the same crowds – rapidly scaling businesses with complex and sophisticated strategies and back-end technology stacks. So it made complete sense for Shopify Plus and Virtual Logistics Inc. to team up in partnership to help provide complimentary services to the mid market and enterprise crowd.

Learn More About if Your Company is Ready for VL OMNI in this Infographic

Shopify is established in providing an excellent network of trusted, vetted partners at both the Shopify and Plus levels. These partners provide solutions anywhere from apps, to loyalty programs, to marketing, to customized omni-channel data integration like what VL has to offer. Shopify’s objectives for their partnership networks definitely hold to VL’s motto of Transforming Data, Connecting Business.

Where VL Fits in the Shopify Plus World

VL works within the Shopify Plus community. This is a great fit for us, as the Shopify Plus platform has a complete API that encourages complex data integration strategies well beyond the capabilities of the plug-and-play or point to point integrations.  This is where VL steps in!

Because the Shopify Plus platform is for the high-volume, high-traffic business or enterprise, it fits perfectly with VL’s service-oriented approach and bespoke, scalable VL OMNI SAAS based solution. VL already has a history of integrating Shopify to various other applications and technologies for our customers – so we already have an integration in our connector library. We’re also working towards making VL’s VL OMNI iOS App available not only for Android, but also available for use through Shopify’s App community.

How does VL’s partnership with Shopify work for you?

It’s simple: VL’s partnership with Shopify Plus benefits our customers directly.

As we have an established history working with Shopify on both a corporate and product level, we can bring our extensive knowledge to the table to benefit our mutual clients. Shopify Plus’ offices work directly with VL to bring us customers who are looking for a highly functional, highly scalable integration solution, while VL directs our clients looking for a flexible, robust omni-channel sales platform directly to Shopify Plus. VL and Shopfy have a lot in common: we work hard to create solutions that work, and work hard to enable our customers to continue to reach new heights.

So why pick VL and our VL OMNI solution?:

1. You get service, a product that works, and a solution that is scalable.

No matter how big your company gets, how many applications make your business run, or how complex the integrations are, VL is here to support you and create a solution that works. Just like with Shopify Plus, our customer service is core to our services, and we are always accessible.

2. We only work with best-in-breed partners, like Shopify Plus. 

We’ve built up our extensive network of partners over 20+ years, and only work with the best applications and service providers out there. We only recommend the best solutions in our partnership network for our customers, and we never receive a kick-back for these recommendations. Our partnership with Shopify Plus, specifically, means that we have deep knowledge of the platform itself, and know how to leverage it to the advantage of our customers when creating a data integration solution. Additionally, we can connect you to the right people within Shopify Plus fast, helping you get the answers and solutions you need now.

3. Each solution is custom fit to your business.

VL OMNI, like Shopify Plus, is the luxury car or hand-made suit of the data integration world – it’s made-to-measure to your business. We approach each site as the unique entity that it is, and build the solution to match your needs exactly. Each VL OMNI solution is implemented using our Central Point of Truth data integration methodology, which allows your business to continue to scale while giving you the flexibility in being able to add, remove, or exchange applications in your technology stack with ease.

VL & Shopify Plus work together to bring our collective customers the best in breed in omni-channel retail solutions.

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Looking for a scalable, customized omni-channel data integration solution that integrates seamlessly with Shopify Plus?