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Shopify Plus 10 City Tour 2017: Toronto Recap


On Wednesday, May 24th 2017, VL co-sponsored and participated in the first-ever Shopify Plus 10 City Tour. This tour is stopping at world-class cities like Sydney, Austin, Chicago, and many more, including a few stops in Shopify’s own homeland of Canada! Sponsoring the first stop in Toronto, Ontario, VL was thrilled to speak to and with enthusiastic Shopify Plus customers and vendors alike. VL also took to the stage to present key topics on Shopify Plus and data integration to help attendees reach their growth goals on the platform.

Keep reading for a recap of this fantastic event!

Missed the Shopify Plus Toronto tour or VL’s Presentation? Download it here.

The elite ecommerce community and the businesses that serve them converged on Toronto’s Shopify Headquarters on May 24th for the first stop on Shopify Plus’ 10 City Tour. This curated event, sponsored by AvalaraSovi Creative, Recharge Appsand VL OMNI, was ideal for both merchants and partners.  Sovi Creative, Recharge Apps, and VL OMNI each took the stage to present topics relevant to helping Shopify Plus customers continue to grow and reach new heights through toolsets, strategies, and more.

After an hour of networking, great conversation, snacks, and refreshments that kicked off the evening, the event sponsors started their educational presentations. The audience was clearly eager for information on continuing to push the bounds of success for their Shopify Plus stores. The first presentation of the evening was given by Jessica Thiele, Marketing Manager at VL, who presented on How Your Data Integration Strategy Can Help or Hinder Long-Term Scalability and Agility.

Download: How Your Data Integration Strategy Can Help or Hinder Long-Term Scalability and Agility

VL’s presentation focused on:

  1. Empowering the audience through knowledge. If you know what goal you want to achieve but don’t know how to get there, you’re far more likely to be paired with the wrong solution for your business. Data integration is no exception. The first half of VL’s presentation focused on empowering the audience through giving them the basic data integration toolset they need to have to ensure their business is getting what’s needed out of any data integration solution or provider. You can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you’re asking for, after all!
  2. A real-life case study of the effects of your chosen data integration strategy on growth and scalability. To drive home the knowledge provided in the first half of the presentation, VL’s presentation rounded off the talk with a case study of a business who learned the impact of their chosen data integration strategies from trial and error. Jessica broke down the profile of the customer featured in the case study, their integrations and data flows, and the results of their integration journey.

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The positive response from the audience and all the questions that followed the presentation reaffirmed the hunger for this sort of knowledge by the Shopify Plus community. Missed the presentation? Get it here.




Jessica from VL is giving you all the ways to use data integration to help get your Shopify Plus store to the next level.

Check out a small clip of the presentation here


Great presentations followed VL’s from co-sponsors Recharge Apps and Sovi Creative. Both presentations came loaded with insightful information on how to leverage your Shopify Plus store in other ways to maximize growth. We had an amazing time connecting with merchants and partners alike!

 Toronto You Were Amazing – Until Next Time ! 

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