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[Quiz] What Data Integration Solution Fits Your Business Best?


Unless you have an unbiased expert in your corner,

It can be a challenge to solve your data integration needs.


Some SMBs suffer in silence for years before they realise that they could have implemented a simple data integration strategy that would have saved them countless errors and unhappy customers. Others are chugging along doing things as they’ve been done for the past decade without exploring newer, often better data integration strategies and solutions.

As always, VL is here to help! We’ve designed a simple 7-question quiz to help you evaluate your business’ current position and match it against the data integration strategy you should be using.

Already have a data integration strategy in place? Take this quiz anyways to see if you fall into the solution you’ve implemented!

Keep scrolling for the full quiz, and comment below with your results!


What data integration solution fits your business best?

Take this short quiz to see what kind of data integration solution is the best fit for your business: manual data entry, plug-and-play integrations, or customized data integration services.

What’s your business’ growth like?

A: Steady: We have enough business to keep us going, but we’re not growing more rapidly than we can handle.

B: Rapidly growing: We’re having trouble keeping up!

C: Declining: We’re either looking towards retiring our business or are having problems that are causing our business to decline.

What’s your application mix like?

A: We only have a few core applications, and they all live in the cloud.

B: We have a mix of cloud and on-premise applications.

C: We have a mix of cloud and on-premise applications, including some legacy systems.

How many data sources does your business work with?

A: A few sources or file types.

B: Many diverse file types from a variety of sources.

C: Just one or two sources and file types.

Does your business have any solutions developed in-house?

A: We have considered it, but do not currently have any in-house or DIY solutions.

B: We have a few in-house or DIY solutions.

C: We have several in-house or DIY solutions.

D: We have no DIY or in-house developed solutions.

What’s your current data integration strategy?

A: We know what our data integration needs are, but do not have a formal strategy

B: We have a high-level strategy for how we work with our corporate data, but are having problems actualizing it.

C: We do not have a data integration strategy.

Does your business use an ERP application?

A: We use Quickbooks or other similar application.

B: Yes, and we have customized it to our business’ needs and rules.

C: No

Does your business do EDI?

A: Yes, and with several trading partners.

B: Yes

C: No


If you chose mostly C’s and D’s
Data Integration Strategy – Manual Data Entry 

Your business can still get by with manual data entry processes, like manually keying in data, downloading and uploading files between applications, or copy and pasting data. But be careful — if these processes start to become unmanageable, it’s time to look at boxed integration products or customized service providers!

If you chose mostly A’s
Data Integration Strategy – Plug-and-Play Products

Your business likely already uses a number of point-to-point or plug-and-play data integration products. Usually packaged within cloud applications you already use, your business is still at a point where this data integration strategy satisfies your needs and business rules. But be careful — if this strategy starts to break down or cause issues, you’ll need to move up to the next level of data integration – customized data integration service providers like VL!

If you chose mostly B’s
Data Integration Strategy – Customized Solution

Your business needs are complex. High volumes of transactions, multiple trading partners, a complex supply chain, and complicated business rules are all signs that you’re ready for the next level of data integration: customized service providers like VL and our VL OMNI service.

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