Prince Harry’s Lessons on Data Integration.



I hung out this week at Hubspot’s Inbound 2012. It’s a global gathering of inbound marketing geeks. It was fun, Cyndi Lauper showed up and there were the usual pearls of wisdom from top notch speakers such as Rand Fishkin, Susan Cain, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

What amazed me was how often people were using the Prince Harry pics as inbound marketing fodder. So what do Price Harry’s nude pictures have to do with integration you ask. Actually a lot. Surprisingly.

Ok all you dirty minds who are giggling away I am not talking about that kind of integration.

So here are Prince Harry’s lessons.

Don’t leave yourself exposed!! Kind of obvious right. Well to many companies who have no data integration strategy they are completely exposed. Not having a data integration strategy is like standing around with nothing on, only worse you don’t know you are exposed. At least Prince Harry knew he had nothing on and covered up the crown jewels.

When you are exposed and don’t know it you tend to make decisions based on data silos. What I mean here is data silos are like clothes.  You don’t buy one sock and then a pant leg. You buy a pair of pants or an outfit. Having a data integration strategy means you aren’t standing around like Prince Harry covering up the crown jewels. You actually have a plan. You aren’t getting caught with your pants down.

Finally, you don’t know what you don’t know. Price Harry has no idea what pictures are out there of him standing around in his all together. I am very sure there are some pretty raunchy ones. Having a data integration strategy allows your company to leverage technology across multiple uses so that you control what you don’t know and can respond quickly and in a flexible manner to customer requests for data integration.

So want to know more about integration. Price Harry has some good lessons. Our ebooks, that are free, have lots more. Don’t be exposed.

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