VL Presentation on improving customer experience and retention and why data integration is a game changer

[Presentation] How To Improve Customer Experience & Retention: Why Data Integration Is A Game Changer



As VL’s blog followers know, Virtual Logistics Inc. exhibited at the UK eCommerce Expo in London on Sept. 30 – Oct. 1, 2015.

It was a great success in it’s own right! From the conversations we had at our stand and around the exhibition hall, it seems to us that the UK is in need and is ready for the sort of bespoke omni-channel data integration services that VL offiers.

But did you also know that Robin H. Smith, Co-Founder and GM of Sales & Marketing also presented at the UK eCommerce Expo?

If you missed it, this is your lucky day! Not only is Robin’s presentation, “How To Improve Customer Experience & Retention: Why Data Integration Is A Game Changer” available through VL’s SlideShare, but we’ve also included it here in this blog post, on our websiteand we’ve put together a short video of the actual presentation, below!

Download the Presentation as a PDF

Download the Presentation as a PDF

This was a highly sought-after presentation, so be a friend and share the presentation!

Ready to talk integration one-on-one to see how it can help your business?

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