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Happy 2015! Have you made any resolutions? What about for your partner data integrations? Dr. VL is in the house to help get your business healthy and in tip top shape for 2015!

With the busiest shopping, shipping, and e-commerce season blissfully in our rear-view mirrors, we would venture a guess that a few of us are reeling from the 2014 Holiday Season. Personal holiday hangovers aside, your business may still be seeing double from the holidays as well. Is your business still hung over from the holidays?

No matter your business’ niche – retail, logistics, grocery, e-commerce, marketing, distribution, and so on – if your business is still reeling from 2014, this might be a symptom of larger underlying issues with your business. Have you ever stopped to think your business might be sick? Luckily, Dr. VL, Data Integration Doctor, is here to help!

Introducing Dr. VL

Dr. VL is here to help assess, diagnose, and treat your business’s data integration ailments, to help you prepare for an even better 2015! But first, let’s get to know a bit more about why and how your business may need Dr. VL’s expertise.

Doctor VL Virtual Logistics Inc

How do I know if my business needs a Data Integration Doctor – Dr. VL?

You can answer this question for yourself by answering another question: How was the holiday season for your business? Was it:

  • Smooth sailing all the way – in fact, you’re on your way to your post-holiday season tropical vacation right now!


  • Could it have gone a bit smoother? A lot smoother?

Again, no matter if your business’ specialty is marketing, retail, e-commerce, logistics, grocery, distribution, or something else, if the holiday season was anything but a breeze, it may be a symptom of a larger underlying problem. Is your business acutely sick? Is it something you should worry about? Keep reading to find out more.

What are some signs and symptoms of a sick business?

The recent holiday season may provide the best signs and symptoms that your business is not only still feeling that holiday hangover, but may have deeper underlying issues at play as well. Here are some simple preliminary questions that can help you quickly evaluate your business’ health:

  • Did all your shipments get to your customers and clients? Right time, right place, on time?
  • Did your business incur any charge-back or non-compliance fees?
  • Was everyone at your company stressed out? Was time management a distant thought? Was everyone running around just trying to get things done in the ‘now’?
  • Did you use a stack of standardized workarounds for any number of problems that kept occurring?
  • Were data errors a regular occurrence?
  • Was there a fair bit to a lot of manual integration between your various systems? Did this take up a lot of man-hours that could have been better allocated during this busy time?
  • Does this sound familiar? How about this? Or this?

In our future blog posts, Dr. VL will be going into even more detail on signs and symptoms of a ‘sick’ business, and what you can do to improve your business’ health for the long term – so stay tuned!


Why it’s important to think of your business’ health

Just like we’re all supposed to see our doctors for a yearly checkup, your business’ health should be something to mind and check in on every once and a while as well. As people, we refer the responsibility of our health to our healthcare professionals. Similarly, your business’ health can be self-maintained and evaluated to a degree – but the deeper and niche health concerns for your business should ideally be the responsibility of experts.

Dr. VL specializes in developing customized supply chain data integration solutions that work for you. While a good deal of Dr. VL’s patients seek out our expertise, there are still some “patients” that recognize their business could be running smoother but are stubborn nonetheless. Ignoring the health needs of your business is similar to ignoring your personal health needs, and it is almost always better to nip a potential problem in the bud earlier rather than to wait for a full manifestation of the problem before seeking expert attention.

If your business is experiencing a ‘holiday hangover’ from the 2014 Holiday Season, it might be a sign of larger underlying issues. If things aren’t going smoothly, they both should and can be, and Dr. VL can be your expert to fix your business’ data integration ailments. How? Read on, and stay tuned to our ongoing Dr. VL blog series.

In Conclusion: Who is Dr. VL, and how can Dr. VL help get my business healthy?

Dr. VL represents all the experts behind the Virtual Logistics Inc. name. Driven by our desire to transform data, connect business, and truly improve the functionality and workflow for our clients, Dr. VL provides a service in improving your business’ data integration health rather than pushing a product that may or may not be right for your business and walking away.

Dr. VL truly cares about helping you make your business the best it can be, freeing you to be smart-busy with your business’ time.

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