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Middleware Build vs Buy – An on going debate – Episode 6


Middleware buy vs build. Today we released the second episode of Integration TV’s 2012 season. The feature interview this episode is with Hollis Tibbetts, of Artemis Ventures, in Austin, Texas, a leading integration expert who discusses the pros and cons of buy vs build. Hollis like most experts in the field believe there is greater value on the buy side of the argument.


Hollis followed the release of the episode with a great blog article on the subject.

The original blog article that sparked the discussion about having Hollis appear on the show is linked below. Its a great read.

Building Integration Yourself – Possibly the Dumbest Idea You’ve Had in a Long Time

This is clearly a debate that isn’t going away so the more resources available to let people make an informed decision the better.

The episode also referenced the newly released Times of London Supply Chain Report for 2012.

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