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Middleware Build vs Buy – A Software Vendor’s Perspective


 Middleware buy vs build. Today, we released episode 7 of Integration TV. The feature interview this episode is with Rob Fox, of Liaison Technologies, in Atlanta, Georgia. Rob is a leading integration expert and Director of Product Development at Liaison. Rob discusses the pros and cons of buy vs build from a commercial software vendor’s perspective. Rob like most experts in the field believes there is greater value on the buy side of the arguement and outlines a number of critical things that go into developing a commercial middleware platform.

This is clearly a debate that isn’t going away so the more resources available to let people make an informed decision the better. This is why we created this Integration TV mini series.

The episode also referenced the newly released reports from Accententure and Gartner.


The Gartner report is publically available by doing a Google search.

Thanks to the Aurora EDI Alliance for their gift and suggestions on how we could improve our Christmas show. Feedback is always welcome.

With Episode 7 we have also reached a  few milestones. Since its launch last year, Integration TV has been viewed in 58 countries, and the episodes have been watched 3500 times. Amazing.

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