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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



As the year slowly comes to a close its time to think back and reflect on what the past year held. I think for everyone it’s been a year of flux and change. It certainly has been for us.

Over the summer Liaison Technologies bought Softshare. In September we launched our hosted EDI Desktop platform using Amazon’s EC2 cloud service. This fills the gap between the web based EDI portal and the on premise solution for retail EDI. So a client or potential customer who has outgrown their web portal but is not yet ready for on premise setup now has a bridging option that has all the benefits of an integrated solution. We are really pleased with the reception so far. Our on network translation service is now out in the “cloud” which provides a very robust and stable platform for our hosted service.

On the integration front we are seeing companies embrace integration beyond just EDI and leveraging their investment in ECS and Delta. That’s a good thing, not only for productivity but also realizing an ROI on the investment in software and services. We only see this increasing in the coming year. Diverse data flows and handling them with a middleware platform is the single biggest change we have seen in the SMB/SME marketplace. As I have said for the past two years the days of a pure EDI system are numbered, and like the VAN, the monolithic EDI System is going the way of the dodo.

One of the really interesting changes we are also seeing is the support for web services in ERP packages. The adoption of web services as an integration strategy is good for productivity. Web service interfaces based on an XML document allow for a myriad of data sources to be brought into an application in a more robust and streamlined manner. ECS and Delta are well placed to handle these requirements.

So as we look back we are very positive about the future. Things look good and despite all the stresses and strains of change of the year that is passing, what we see is positive, and we are excited. You can follow our changes and developments on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and on our blog. We are actively using social media to connect to customers and potential clients. For us this is a huge change and one we are having fun with.

So we at VL would like to wish all our customers, partners, suppliers and extended families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year!

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