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Marketing Automation Integration Successes: Listen to Your Gut Part 1



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Marketing automation is all the buzz these days, there has been a lot of talk about how businesses reach out to their customers and potential customers who visit their website. Not surprisingly what rises to the top most often is email marketing and drip marketing campaigns. In fact, despite all the competition for peoples’ time and attention email still comes out the leader amongst all other digital channels when it comes to reaching current and potential customers.

In February of this year eMarketer released its report on Email Marketing Benchmarks: Key Data, Trends and Metrics.   The report drew some interesting conclusions including:

  • Automated email marketing makes up only a small amount of the emails that are sent to consumers but have a large impact on clickthrough rate.

According to Judy Loschen, Vice President digital analytics at Epsilon, “we’re only seeing 2.5% of all emails triggered or automated based on customers preferences.” But, triggered emails saw an average CTR of 10.4, more than double the CTR for Q1 of 2012. 

  • Data Integration between email and other marketing strategies is key.

In its 2012 Marketing Trends Survey, StrongMail found that 68% of business executives worldwide planned to integrate email marketing and social media this year.

So where do you see this evidence playing out ? With customer success stories like Listen To Your Gut and the e-commerce integration between their BigCommerce store and Infusionsoft. In the first part of a two-part series we will look at how Listen To Your Gut uses Infusionsoft to revolutionize their communication with their customers, not only for customers that have placed an order but also related to shopping cart abandonment issues.

Using Infusionsoft, Listen To Your Gut is able to specifically target customers that have abandoned their purchases part way through the process. By collecting names and email addresses of these potential customers and entering them into Infusionsoft they can specifically target these abandoned cart customers and the results are quite staggering.

Simply by collecting the email addresses of potential customers who abandoned a shopping cart and adding them into a simple follow up sequence in Infusionsoft, Listen To Your Gut have seen a conversion rates of 20-25%, proving the power of targeted emails. This is well over the average median conversion rate of 0.6% for B2C businesses presented in the eMarketer report, as well as the B2B median conversion rate of 0.3% and the total median conversion rate of 0.4%. The team at Listen To Your Gut clearly understands the importance and relevancy of email marketing to attract customers, using simple yet effective campaigns.

In fact, according to Director Ian Thompson, their follow up sequence for abandoned shopping cart customers can be something as simple as

  • Day 2: You still have not completed your order
  • Day 10: We still have your order, if you are still interested
  • Day 30: If you place your order today, get 10% off.

Three simple emails can lead to well over average conversion rates and new customers that would be lost otherwise.

Next week, in the second part of this series we will look at how Listen to Your Gut uses their BigCommerce web store data to not only nurture customers but also ensure that they get the right product to the right customer on time, every time.

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