Sylvian Perrier from Mercatus technologies, interviewed by VL's Robin H Smith for logistics and supply chain data integrations

Logistics and Supply Chain Data Integration: Sylvain Perrier



The 7 Questions Interview Series: Logistics and Supply Chain Data Integration

“The 7 Question Series” is an investigative content series where we seek out key leaders in a specific industry and/or subject matter expertise area and ask them 7 key questions that “enquiring minds want to know”. There is a twist however to these questions. We provide the person being interviewed with a hypothesis for each question. This helps to frame and set context for their answer.

Logistics and Supply Chain Data Integration Series Objectives:

The objective of this series is to establish direct connections with Logistics and Supply Chain experts across the globe and ask them the same set of 7 questions regarding e-commerce data integration in the supply chain. We want to derive insights from their direct experiences and expertise that will help e-commerce companies, both B2B and B2C at all stages of their evolution. We are also curious to see if their answers are similar or different. These interviews will be featured on this website as a series.

Interview with Sylvain Perrier of Mercatus Technologies

About Sylvain Perrier

Sylvain-Perrier,_MercatusMercatus Technologies and is responsible for the overall management of Mercatus operations including Technology, Business Operations, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance and Human Resources. Sylvain works with the Executive Team to establish and drive the vision and strategic direction for the company.

Sylvain holds more than 17 years experience in multiple market segments of the international retail industry. Throughout his career, Sylvain has had the opportunity to work with world class retailers; such as, Walt Disney, Barnes and Noble, the National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Tire.

Before being named President and CEO in 2012, Sylvain was Mercatus’ Chief Operating Officer and was responsible for the overall day-to-day activities that achieve the company’s strategic business goals. Prior to joining Mercatus, Sylvain spent eight years with In-Touch Survey Systems Inc. most recently as Vice President of Technology where he oversaw the development of wireless and touch-screen devices designed to generate consumer feedback reports for the retail, services, and hospitality industries.

Sylvain is a respected industry authority and sought-after speaker. He earned degrees in Business Administration and Computer Science from College de l’Outaouais.

The Interview

Robin Smith: I hear the terms B2C, B2B and now Omnichannel retailing. How are the changes taking place affecting the supply chain and logistics providers?

Sylvain Perrier: In the past, data collected and information generated by supply chain and logistic solutions might have been destined for specific corporate functions or external entities. Today, the rapid proliferations of consumer enabling technologies that facilitate commerce have drastically changed the supply and logistical landscape. Providers have had to re-think their solutions and their adaptability into the commerce ecosystem through integration points and the seamless transaction of data to provide a holistic view of the entire supply chain to other business and technology elements.

Robin Smith: When would it be appropriate for a web-based retailer to think about the benefits of integration?

Sylvain Perrier: When it becomes necessary to bring together different technologies to facilitate the exchange of data and the generation of information. For example, enabling a web-consumer to track their recent-order would require the integration of a web-front, CRM application, and Order Management System.

Robin Smith: How important is the Logistics provider’s investment in technology and how does it affect the omnichannel customer’s ability to scale?

Sylvain Perrier: It’s critical. A lack of investment in technology could have an adverse affect on the omnichannel customer’s ability to scale up and scale out.

Robin Smith: I hear that many web retailers are small businesses. What have you seen as indicators of success and the ability to scale versus those that can’t?

Sylvain Perrier: An early indicator of potential success is a clearly articulated plan that defines success and the required journey. Such plans, are usually coupled with early to potential long-term technology requirements that are malleable and that can be easily integrated or replace derelict solutions without affecting business and helping the organization to jump to the next level in achievement.

Robin Smith: As a web retailer’s supply chain gets more complex as they scale, how do they transition to more complex platforms to handle the growth without killing the business, what do you see as the pitfalls?

Sylvain Perrier: With a strong technology transition plan that takes a phased and modularized approach that anticipates the replacement of core elements first while leveraging multiple integration points. The Greatest pitfall seen so far is the one takes the all-in replacement approach, which significantly exposes the business to unnecessary risk.

Robin Smith: How complex can the integration requirements become as a web retailer scales?

Sylvain Perrier: Very complex, especially as the number of solutions and integration points increase and the need for sustainable performance and uptime become a tangible market requirement.

Robin Smith: Any advice on the logistics implications?

Sylvain Perrier: Take the necessary time to develop an articulated growth plan tied that defines objectives and goals to guide your choice in business solutions and choice in vendors.

About Mercatus Technologies

Mercatus Technologies empowers grocers to create exceptional shopping experiences for their customers. They are redefining commerce by helping you transform boundless customer data into actionable insights. Your hundreds of gigabytes of data on shoppers’ habits, preferences and purchase histories, combined with their evolving demands and behaviors, make it possible for you to deliver exceptional digital experiences to customers. The Mercatus Integrated Commerce™ Platform transforms your data so you can embrace multi-channel commerce—in-store and online—and earn loyal and lifelong customer relationships.

Sylvain’s Social Outposts: LinkedIn | Twitter

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