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Logistics and Supply Chain Data Integration: Alex Snyder



The 7 Questions Interview Series: Logistics and Supply Chain Data Integration

“The 7 Question Series” is an investigative content series where we seek out key leaders in a specific industry and/or subject matter expertise area and ask them 7 key questions that “enquiring minds want to know”. There is a twist however to these questions. We provide the person being interviewed with a hypothesis for each question. This helps to frame and set context for their answer.

Logistics and Supply Chain Data Integration Series Objectives:

The objective of this series is to establish direct connections with Logistics and Supply Chain experts across the globe and ask them the same set of 7 questions regarding e-commerce data integration in the supply chain. We want to derive insights from their direct experiences and expertise that will help e-commerce companies, both B2B and B2C at all stages of their evolution. We are also curious to see if their answers are similar or different. These interviews will be featured on this website as a series.

Interview with Alex Snyder of ProPack.

About Alex Synder:

ProPackLogoSquare-1Alex Snyder is the Founder and majority shareholder of ProPack Inc. ProPack’s mission is to provide World Class Logistics Service in Warehousing, Fulfillment, Freight Forwarding, and Inventory Management. We specialize in serving small and medium sized businesses in the United States and Canada. We bring value to our clients by applying Modern Technology, Logistics Expertise, and Quality Customer Service.

The Interview:

Robin Smith: I hear the terms B2C, B2B and now Omnichannel retailing. How are the changes taking place affecting the supply chain and logistics providers?

Alex Snyder: I believe it is getting more complex and IT intensive. In order to keep up with the requirements of the medium and larger clients, we need to continually push the capabilities in our systems.

Robin Smith: When would it be appropriate for a web based retailer to think about the benefits of integration?

Alex Snyder: Up to a couple dozen orders per day is probably still more cost effective with a batch dump. Above that, integration will probably be needed.

Robin Smith: How important is the Logistics provider’s investment in technology and how does it affect the omnichannel customers ability to scale?

Alex Snyder: Our investment in technology is critical; not only for order data that passes back and forth, but real-time visibility to the activity and back end reporting are important to our clients, so its key.

Robin Smith: I hear many web retailers are small businesses. What have you seen as indicators of success and the ability to scale versus those that can’t?

Alex Snyder: Most Businesses that try to control everything – product development, marketing, warehousing and distribution, customer service, etc – hold themselves back. Scaling properly with strategic partnerships is a large part of the recipe for business success.

Robin Smith: As a web retailer’s supply chain gets more complex, as they scale, how do they transition to more complex platforms to handle the growth without killing the business, what do you see as the pitfalls?

Alex Snyder: The best advice I can give is to identify the need to move to a more complex platform early and make the transition before you are in a panic. Being in a panic means you will make serious mistakes.

Robin Smith: How complex can the integration requirements become as a web retailer scales?

Alex Snyder: With the right connectivity partner, this shouldn’t be too complex. Tyring to do it on your own, the complexity is proportionate to your expertise.

Robin Smith: Any advice on the logistics implications?

Alex Snyder: The supply chain components of your business will continue to get more and more complex. I recommend that you partner with the right company to fit the size and needs of your business. They will help navigate these waters with you.

About ProPack

Founded in 1991, ProPack services the 3rd party logistical needs of small and medium sized businesses in the United States and Canada. ProPack specializes in order fulfillment and freight forwarding services. The company has over 240,000 square feet of warehouse space in three different states. ProPack’s main office is located in Washington state on Interstate 5, less than 1 mile from the US-Canada border.

Over the past ten years, ProPack has invested extensively in developing customized software for managing both its fulfillment and freight forwarding operations. On the fulfillment side, ProPack has developed an online WMS which provides complete transparency for clients into their receiving, inventory, shipping and billing transactions. For freight forwarding, ProPack has developed a robust transportation system that handles everything from quotes through tracking and billing.

Utilizing its experience, locations and technology ProPack works with dozens of companies across many industries and product categories

Alex’s social outposts: LinkedIn | Twitter

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