What to do, see, and who to visit at IRCE 2017. Growing omnichannel retailer or etailer looking for agile, responsive, scalable solutions? Find your list of who to visit here. IRCE first timers and IRCE veteran resources here. Demo VL's Dashboard at IRCE 2017.

IRCE Chicago 2017: A Shortlist of what to do and who to see



Opening its doors for the 2017 show June 6-9th, this year’s Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition promises to be more exciting and informative than in past years. VL, along with a large selection of our partners, are excited to hit the trade show floor at McCormick Place West on June 7th & 8th!

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Bringing together the best-of-the-best etailers, omni-channel businesses, and the companies that serve them, IRCE 2017 is an event of learning, networking, research, solution discovery, and so much more.

Keep reading to see what’s new and exciting happening at IRCE 2017!

IRCE is one of the biggest ecommerce events around — and with good reason.

“Ecommerce is evolving faster than ever. Blink, and you’ll miss the next big thing.”

Known in tradeshow exhibitor circles as the unofficial finish line to the spring show season, IRCE always wraps up the first half of the year with a bang! With over 600 vendors exhibiting (including VL at booth 372!) and with over 250,000 square feet of space, IRCE is hands-down the largest ecommerce trade show in the industry.

As a first time attendee or an IRCE veteran, there are some things you can do before the show to make the most of your time there. Coming to IRCE without at least a short list of which exhibitor booths you’d like to prioritize in visiting with is a mistake IRCE attendees (and exhibitors, too) generally make only once. With the show starting next week, if you haven’t started perusing the list of 600+ exhibitors, you’re a bit behind!

Lucky for you, VL has a list of exhibitors you should be visiting if you’re an etailer or omni-channel retailer that’s growing and looking for agile, responsive, and scalable solutions.

Growing Omni-channel retailer or Etailer looking for agile, responsive, scalable solutions at IRCE?

Here are some exhibitors you should be visiting & where to find them:

Ecommerce Carts   |   Shopify Plus (467, 367), BigCommerce (429)

Strategy & Planning Consulting   |   Chief Digital Advisors (co-exhibiting with VL at 372)

Chief Digital Advisors Logo partnered with VL Virtual Logistics Inc VL OMNI business planning and data integration

Ecommerce Apps   |    Bold Commerce (472)

Marketing Services and Agencies   |   Classy Llama Agency (938)

PIMs (Product Information Management) Platforms   |   InRiver (739), Akeneo (1557)

Inventory & Order Management Software (OMS)   |   Trade Gecko (574)

WMS (Warehouse Management Systems)   |   Snapfulfil (314)

POS (Point of Sale) Platforms   |   Lightspeed (557)

B2b Ecommerce Platforms   |   Handshake (374)

Lucky for you, most of the exhibitors on this list (including VL at booth 372) are in the Shopify Plus IRCE Neighbourhood!

But IRCE is — and always has been — an educational front for internet retailing. This year’s show has 200+ speakers on a variety of stages and across a number of specialty streams that span the four days of the show (including June 6th and 8th, which are pure educational workshop days). In total, there are over 130 conference sessions at IRCE this year to keep you busy! If you haven’t already dogeared the talks you want to attend, you can view them all here

Some of our best advice for first-time IRCE attendees?:

Aside from doing a bit of research on who you want to speak to and what talks you want to attend ahead of the show, there are some tips IRCE veterans like VL can pass on to first-time attendees:

  1. Grab a paper copy of the IRCE guide as soon as you can. This is your bible at the show! It never hurts to have a copy — or two.
  2. Download the IRCE App — and leverage the hell out of it! The IRCE app is extremely useful for porting over your schedule of talks and exhibitors you want to talk to, but also to interact with other attendees and exhibitors at the show. Download it ahead of time and spend a bit of time setting it up and playing with the features to save you time at the show.
  3. Earmark places where you can sit, eat, and drink. Those of us who attend a lot of conferences and trade shows know that a place to sit and take a bit of a breather is absolute gold. IRCE has plenty of places to sit, network, and to grab a bite to eat and something to drink. 
  4. Find the booths giving away free necessities instead of overpaying for them. The exhibitors at the show are here to help you, and in more ways than showing off great solutions and services! Many booths will be giving away staples like coffee, water, and small snacks. So don’t buy that coffee from Starbucks outside the event space until you have a quick walk around to find these lifesaver booths!
  5. Have fun and enjoy yourself. IRCE overall is always a great time, but it can be easy to forget to enjoy yourself in between networking and speaking sessions. Take your time, grab some great swag, and talk to exhibitors! You never know what you might find when you’re least expecting it!


Visit VL and Chief Digital Advisors at IRCE 2017 in Chicago at McCormick Place, booth 372, right next to Shopify Plus




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