Integration: Transforming Data, Connecting Business




Virtual Logistics is excited to announce the completion and launch of our extensive re-branding exercise. As an integration company we tell both potential customers and current customers that they need to integrate their systems in order to grow their business and cut costs, utlimately increasing productivity. Over the years we have found that we have also had to adapt our focus in order to continue serving our customers and this included telling our story differently. Yes the world has changed in the past twenty years. In 2013 and into the future branding and story telling was and will be a large part of that adaptation.

Transforming Data, Connecting Business

It can be a difficult task simplifying, for potential customers as well as current ones, what data integration and EDI are and how they can help grow a business. Whether a business is the traditional bricks and mortar or an online entity eventually systems will need to be integrated, documents will need to be sent and trading partners will need to be on boarded. This is where data integration and EDI come in; truly transforming data and connecting businesses with one another.

The challenge is, and always will be, how do we make the message more human? How do we move beyond the technical jargon and mumbo jumbo and turn the message into some thing people actually understand? Its a tall order.

The Branding Process

The process of branding was a new concept for the team at Virtual Logistics and began with a series of phone interviews with customers to find out what our clients thought of our services, our staff and our technology as well as what could be improved. The outcome of these interviews became the three pillars that define Why, How and What we do for our customers and potential customers.

Before outlining our three pillars we had to define who we were.

At Virtual Logistics Inc. we specialize in developing supply chain data integration solutions that work, solutions that transform data into information you can USE in the FORM you need, letting you focus on what matters most, running and growing your business. 

We understand that there’s always a business and a story behind an integration, and we pride ourselves on our personal approach to our work, regardless of the size of the project. Our desire to understand what makes our customers and their businesses work, allows us to create truly customized solutions that fit the needs of each individual business.

This is the foundation of our more human message. So on to our three pillars.


Our mission has always been to form partnerships with our clients so that we could efficiently and effectively meet their integration needs ensuring their continued business growth.

When business growth reaches a certain point, business functions can become tangled and difficult. Our goal at Virtual Logistics is to make our clients smart busy without them even realizing it by focusing on their back end systems. We make sure that the right data is flowing to the right system at the right time, making the front and back facing elements of your business run smoothly. This allows our clients to focus on the elements of their business that are important to them; customers, potential customers, products and the overall performance of the business.

How smoothly a business runs and how quickly it grows are not the only reasons we do what we do. The other is purely personal and relates back to the company mission that we created 20 years ago when Virtual Logistics began. At Virtual Logistics, our mission has always been to form partnerships with our clients so that we could not only meet their integration needs but also ensure their continued business growth.  These long term client partnerships are what really create our personal approach to integration


Supply chain data integration and EDI are very technical. It is important to use best of breed software to ensure that data flows properly and that your best of breed applications can talk to each other. At Virtual Logistics we work with our technology partners to provide you with the best possible software and technology to help streamline your business.


At Virtual Logistics we focus on a personal approach to the following:

  • EDI Services
  • ERP and MRP Integration
  • Ecommerce/ Webstore Integration
  • Shipping System/Address Validation Integration
  • Marketing Automation Integration
  • Buisness Intelligence and Analytics Integration
  • 3PL and Fulfillment House Integration
  • TMS Integration
  • WMS Integration

When asked about the branding process Robin H. Smith, GM Sales & Marketing at Virtual Logistics had this to say:

“The biggest challenge we have always had is explaining to non technical people what we do. So the problem is that once we are pegged by people thats all they know us for. The flip side is that if the message makes no sense then we lose them. Its tough to simplify and humaize the message. So through the branding excercise the objective was to make our message human, why we do what we do, how we do it and what we do – no technical blah, blah, blah. Its been a fun process and we have lots of really good stories to tell.”

In our next blog article we will show you the evolution of our logo over the past twenty years.

About Virtual Logistics Inc. 

At Virtual Logistics Inc., we specialize in developing customized supply chain data integration solutions that work for you. Our solutions help your data flow so you spend less time, money, and resources handling your data, and more time on what matters most to you; running and growing your business. For more information on Virtual Logistics products and services please visit or contact Robin H. Smith, GM Sales and Marketing at (905) 814-1790 ext 2223 or via email at