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Integration Infographics – Choose your system and use Middleware



It has been said that a picture is worth a 1000 words. With that old adage in mind VL has released another series of infographics about where your data integration lives and how middleware can help your on-premise and cloud applications communicate once you have chosen your system.

It can be hard to explain to both current and potential clients that they have options with regard to where their data integration can be stored and that they have to choose the system that works best with their data strategy and their business strategy overall. With this in mind the first of the infographics looks at important questions that need to be considered when choosing the right system, on-premise or in the cloud or even a combination of both. We ask you to consider a wide range of scenarios including the number of documents exchanged on a daily basis, the degree of control you want over your data,the IT resources you have available and whether or not you have to integrate data from multiple sources that are on-premise or in the cloud.

If you want some more information on On Premise vs. Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud after answering the questions that we pose in the infographic read our recent blog post about the Hybrid Cloud and the top three things you have to think about when considering a hybrid cloud system.

The second infographic in our latest series looks at what Middleware does to help your on-premise and cloud applications communicate once you have a system in place that meets your data strategy and business goals.

I’m always amazed at how many people don’t see or don’t understand the benefits of using integration middleware and how it can help their on premise and cloud applications communicate with one another. As we posed in another recent blog post– middleware allows you to truly leverage all your communication and translation tools so that you can handle multiple data formats in a single solution, create an audit trail of all data inbound and outbound and overall allow your business to be more nimble in handling data and onboarding partners.

Take a look at the infographic via the link below to see what middleware can really do for you and how it is all connected.