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Integration as a Service: Integration in the Cloud FAQs


 The days of installing programs you buy at your local Staples or BestBuy are quickly fading.

When was the last time that you installed a program you bought in-store? When was the last time you installed a program on your computer from DVD-ROM? Does your computer even have a CD or DVD drive?

I’d wager a guess that in either case, it’s been a while. And just like how B2B and B2C are converging thanks to the growing popularity of ecommerce, you’d likely answer these two statements identically from the perspective of a private consumer and a business. It’s almost happened over night: people and businesses everywhere are silently switching from on-premise applications to hosted (or cloud) applications. Although some pundits are claiming they see s shift back to on premise, we don’t.

And guess what? VL’s here to support your business in whichever way you do business. While on-premise solutions are still going strong, we’re noticing more and more requests from our clients for our Hosted Integration Service which is fully run through the cloud. Its a true SAAS offering. Because our cloud offering is still comparatively new, here’s a few FAQs you might have about VL’s Integration as a Service – Integration in the Cloud.


Here are just three facts about VL’s Integration as a Service – Integration in the Cloud. If you have more questions, reach out to VL directly via 905-814-1790 or sales[at], or book your phone call with Robin H. Smith, Co-Founder of VL directly through our app by clicking the button below!

1. What is VL’s Integration as a Service platform?

VL’s Integration as a Service platform is a cloud-based integration service. This means that our customers can tap into our any-to-any data translation and movement services to integrate both cloud and in-house applications to external applications like web stores, hosted ERP packages, marketing automation, and much more without having to install any software on premise.

The sort of flexibility that VL’s Hosted Integration Service offers to companies is certainly appealing to more and more of our clients: you never actually own the software outright, which means you aren’t responsible for upgrading, maintaining, or any of the other chores that tend to come with owned software. VL’s Cloud is effective, affordable, and best of all – it comes with VL’s signature commitment to customer service first, just like all of our customized integration services across the board!

2. Does VL’s Hosted Service require custom programming?

Nothing ruins Christmas quite like opening a coveted toy to find the dreaded ‘some assembly required’ on the outside of the box and that hidden line – batteries needed.

This is just like being promised the world in a new and exciting cloud service only to find out after you’ve signed on the dotted line that hey!, you’re supposed to do some heavy lifting in the form of DIY code on your end to get the darn thing to work in your environment. We find it amazing that some providers actually offer this up as a soluton.

Well, if you’re a regular follower of VL’s blog, you’ll know how we feel about DIY integration coding. Both our on-premise and hosted services require no custom DIY programming, so you can breathe easy. We at VL have done the work for you! The only thing you’ll need to do with our Integration as a Service product is make sure your data is clean and even with that you’ve got VL’s integration experts (A.K.A., expert programmers who aren’t just sales reps with a script) who are with you every step of the way month over month to help you in any way we can.

3. Can I get alerts on my phone?

You sure can! VL’s Hosted Integration Service is all based on push and can automatically alert you to incoming documents and translated documents. Better yet – there is no charge to set this up!

And it gets even better: VL is working on a super secret project to improve our customer experience on their mobile devices. Stay tuned for more information in September!

If you’re doing your research on customized integration options because you’ve started to scale and your plug-and-play integrations are starting to fail (or better yet, you’re preparing for this moment and implementing strategy now to avoid a catastrophic failure like this), do some research on your options! Gone are the days where you walked into a tech supply store, bought a program on CD-ROM, and walked out knowing that you were tasked with implementing the solution with maybe a 24-hour help line you could call when you get stuck.

VL’s customized integration solutions, both in the cloud and on-premise, are customized to fit your business’ needs. And presenting our clients with the option of on-premise or in the cloud gives further credence to VL’s commitment to serving our customers: we give you the option of how you want to consume your customized solution too. So find out which solution fits your growing business best – talk to VL and we’ll help guide you!


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