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Integration as a Service and Hosted EDI – Uniquely Canadian?



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Blogger Jay Goldman recently published a really great blog article in which he describes a perfect confluence of things that makes the SAAS model and the way its sold over the internet a perfect fit for Canadians and Canadian businesses. We at VL knew that and that is why we have launched our Integration as a Service platform and our Hosted EDI  offering.

Jay rolls out the usual well worn clichés about how we all say sorry (great for customer service he says), how we are all pretty sad at marketing (the new inbound marketing phenomenon of using the internet is particularly well suited to Canadians he says), and that we are not really very self promoting (no kidding, but the internet is changing that). In the old days, as he says, you put some lipstick on the porcine beast and sold the glitz, the glamour and the sizzle and you probably got the deal. No more. It’s the no more that makes selling software as a service a game changer.

How so? Well he puts it very simply. Canadians are natural collaborators. If you know our history it’s no wonder – it is the direct result of 250 years of living along side aboriginal cultures in a pretty hostile environment. Yeah it’s really hot again in our office. Think it’s a long shot, think again.

What I really like about the article though is how Jay puts it and I quote… “Bottom up selling is organic, all about building wholesome relationships by being helpful and empathetic. It’s about making a great steak, and setting out samples for people to try and get value from. New marketing is about building trust because you’ve done something genuinely good and helpful for your buyers, not because you’ve sold them flashy vapour-wear. Canadian web-marketers let their customers toot their horns and tell others how awesome they are via the social web. Bottom-up selling is a collaborative model that means working closely with your end-users to design and build your software.”

I like that because that’s how we have always done things at VL. One of our customers Pat Chown, who is also a Bluelink customer puts it very well…. Pat Chown, CEO of Foundation Distribution, says, “Many other EDI providers get you hooked by quoting a low initial price, and then hitting you with additional charges once you’re already dependent on them. Virtual was totally upfront about costs. The integration between their solution and our Blue Link EPR system has been seamless, and timely.”  Thanks Pat!

So I if can have a moment of shameless self-promotion. If you are a customer and like what we do tell others, if your not a customer try us out, you’ll be surprised.

So what does all this have to do about Integration as a Service and Hosted EDI? Not much but I thought it would be a great way to get the word out about our new offerings!


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